A Different Kind of Leather—Why We Love the Shell Cordovan Model 2 in the Worn & Wound Shop

Shell cordovan is one of our favorite types of leather. Harvested from a small spot beneath the hide on the rump of a horse, shell cordovan manages to be both luxurious and hard-wearing (FYI shell is often used by shoemakers). Shell also ages beautifully over time, patinating in distinct ways. Our range of Model 2 straps in shell cordovan are made using shell from Comipel, an Italian tannery known for producing some of the finest leather around. It’s a tough material to work with, and dyeing it is actual quite difficult so it’s often limited to a narrow range of colors. In addition to our range of classic browns, tans, and blacks, we worked with Comipel to develop two colors for our shop, Oceano and Emerald, which are vibrant blues and greens, respectively.

You can shop our entire range of NYC-made shell cordovan straps at The Worn & Wound Shop. $95

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