A Quick Look at the Seagull 1963 42mm


A little while back on worn&wound we took a look at the Seagull 1963 chronograph (if you don’t recall or missed that one, click here and then come back, we’ll wait). The Seagull 1963 is a faithful representation of column-wheel chronograph watches manufactured in the 1960’s for the People’s Liberation Army Air Force. The hand wound movement contained inside was developed in 1961 for this program and is based upon the Venus 175. The Tianjin Watch Factory built and delivered 1400 of these watches to the Chinese Air Force in 1963, hence the re-issue’s name. The watch came in at 38mm with 18mm lugs which was perhaps bordering on large for the 1960’s but is clearly small(ish) by today’s standards. The Seagull brand has now given those who prefer a bit more wrist presence a 42mm version of the 1963.

While the size was boosted to 42mm, the movement was not changed. It is the same as in the 38mm version of the watch: a hand-wind, column wheel chronograph movement with 21 jewels. Something that has been changed is the dial offerings: there are three very attractive dials to choose from in the 42mm version of the watch. One is the same style and layout as the 38mm version of the watch. Added to the lineup are a very nice black dial with contrasting silver sub-dials and a “panda” styled dial of white with black sub-dials. Both of the additions are knock-outs with the panda perhaps having a slight edge over the black.

All of the designs in the 42mm line have a screw down transparent case back, 22mm lugs and acrylic crystals. The height of the watches clocks in at 13mm, which should fit under most cuffs fairly well. If the 38mm size had previously put you off of the Seagull 1963 there is nothing holding you back now. All three designs (as well as a 38mm with a sapphire crystal) can be purchased from seagul1963.com for $469.00 USD.

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