A Trio of Gift Guides for the Windup Watch Shop

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While 2020 might have felt like the longest year, or decade, on record, it’s finally coming to a close, which can only mean one thing… It’s Holiday gift guide time! This year, for the Windup Watch Shop we’ve created three different guides to help you, or your loved ones, find gifts. We’ve broken them down into categories highlighting everything from clocks and accessories to some truly excellent watches. Click the links below to check them out for yourselves!

A Guide to Gifts Under $200

In this guide, you’ll find straps, rolls, winders, and more. All great items for the watch enthusiast in your life (even if that’s you).

A Guide to Affordable Chronographs

With their increased visual complexity, stopwatch functionality, and often sporty designs, chronographs are highly desirable to watch fans. Unfortunately, mechanical versions are often quite expensive, so here we’ve rounded up some cool and stylish quartz chronos to check out.

A Guide to Watches at Every Budget

In this last guide, we just highlight a bunch of different watches at a few price points. From the affordable but exotic looking Timex M79 to the exceptionally overbuilt Damasko DC80.


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