A Week in Watches Ep.30: A Year in Watches 2022 Pt.1

It’s the last week of the year. News is slow, people are away or taking some needed time off – things are quiet. So, we’re doing something a bit different on A Week in Watches. Rather than looking back at the most recent week, we’re doing the whole dang year. Yes, it’s A Year in Watches 2022, which means there’s actually a ton to cover. So much, so that this is only part 1, with the second airing next week.

This week, we focus on major brands and groups from MoonSwatches to Kodo constant force tourbillions. Next week… well, we still have a couple of the larger houses, but then we will focus on standout micro and independents.

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Zach is the Co-Founder and Executive Editor of Worn & Wound. Before diving headfirst into the world of watches, he spent his days as a product and graphic designer. Zach views watches as the perfect synergy of 2D and 3D design: the place where form, function, fashion and mechanical wonderment come together.
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