Arcanaut Unleashes their Upcoming “Experimental” Bonehead and Tiger Sharc

If you’ve been following along on the website and podcast over the last several months, you already know about how much I enjoy Arcanaut, the small independent watchmaker based in Denmark. I reviewed my own Arc II Fordite earlier this year, a watch that, when it was all said and done, was likely my most worn of the year. We’ve also covered recent releases that are a bit more straightforward than their dials created with paint drippings from American auto factories. The latest news from Denmark, though, is strange enough that Arcanaut has put their next two pieces in the “Experimental” category, and if the avant-garde nature of their previous work is appealing, these are likely to scratch a similar itch. 


The new watches coming to the Arc II platform in the third quarter of next year both incorporate a creative use of materials (the brand’s primary guiding principle) in exciting ways. First out of the gate, we’ve got the Bonehead, named for the marrow-like pattern on the dial. That dial is fully lumed, but that’s not really what makes it interesting. What makes it compelling is the manufacturing process devised by Arcanaut’s James Thompson, which involves combining electric blue discs of lume, aerospace grade aluminum foam, and industrial resin, which Arcanaut has used previously to bind together the non-traditional materials that go into each dial. The end result is a uniquely textured, full lume dial that should be pretty impressive in its final form. 

The other watch in the Experimental series for next year is the Tiger Sharc. This one seeks to make the case the star of the show. For this release, Arcanaut has deployed a zirconium titanium composite, which will have a distinct “wave” appearance that evokes the Japanese technique of “mokume gane.” Arcanaut describes the appearance as similar to Damascus, but less “visually chaotic.” The dial is a solid slab of sterling silver, which is quite a bit more subdued than the Fordite, I have to admit. 

Both of these watches also have a lumed “Glowpatch” affixed to the caseback, a first for Arcanaut. The lumed disc is protected under a layer of sapphire, which should make for a sleek and slightly more luxe presentation overall than prior Arc II editions. 

The Tiger Sharc and Bonehead are both limited editions of just 33 pieces. Part of the “Experimental” concept here is that future owners can put down a deposit (just 10% of the retail price of the watch) and receive updates on the manufacturing process along the way. As Arcanaut describes it, it’s a way to fund projects that are a little more complex in nature than their standard releases. The Experimental projects have longer lead times, but customers are invited to buy in at an amount that is relatively easy to swallow. 

Both of the new watches in the Experimental collection have a retail price of $4,750. More information on the new watches from Arcanaut can be found on their website here

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