[VIDEO] Our Most Worn Watches of 2023

Unless you make it a point to keep track (or you only have one or two watches that you wear regularly), determining the watch that you’ve worn most over the course of a year might be tougher than it initially appears. Some watches get a ton of wear during short bursts of time (maybe it’s a seasonal wear, or it’s a go-to travel watch) and some watches predictably get a consistent weekend slot, or you might only bring the Speedy out on Tuesday, and so forth. Nevertheless, it’s fun to look back on the year and think about the watch that picked up the most wrist time, even if it’s not an exact science.

Recently, we got members of our team in front of the camera to tell us what watch they wore most in 2023. The answers varied from simple, practical tool watches, to more unusual fare. Sometimes there’s a specific reason these watches were worn so frequently, and other times it’s just happenstance. We hope you enjoy this look at what the Worn & Wound team was wearing most this year, and we’d love it if you told us what watch you wore the most in the comments below.

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