Atelier Wen and Revolution Team Up for a Second Time on a Gorgeous Perception Limited Edition

Atelier Wen is a unique proposition in the watch industry. The brainchild of Robin Tallendier and Wilfried Buiron, the 5-year old company has made its mark by presenting watches inspired by Chinese culture. Its second model line, the Perception, features a true guilloché dial hand-carved by one Chinese Master Cheng Yucai. This model – and the brand – have attracted attention for what is considered a rare level of handwork on a dial for its price point. The latest iteration of the Perception comes to us via a collaboration with watch media favorite Revolution. This is the Atelier Wen x Revolution Perception ‘Càn’.

The first go around for Atelier Wen and Revolution was a hit. It was called the ‘Xi’, meaning ‘jubilation’ in Mandarin. That Perception was paired with a rubber strap and featured a glorious red dial. All 100 promptly sold out. This latest collaboration is called the ‘Càn’ (粲), meaning ‘brightness’ or ‘splendor’, and looking at the watch, it’s clear why. The Càn’s dial is a champagne sunburst flinqué giolloché, and it is striking.

Story has it that Master Cheng Yucai was intrigued by the technique and art of rose turning pioneered by the English and Swiss but was unable to procure his own machine. Undeterred, he set out to design and build his own machine and filed several patents along the way. On a basic level, the rose turning machine enables a human to carve intricate designs and patterns on a dial. Notable watchmakers like Josh Shapiro and the great George Daniels are known for their work with guilloché finishing.

The dial of the ‘Càn’ is full of thoughtful details and is composed of two layers: the patterned copper is on top while the second level features the indices. The chapter ring, decorated with a luminous Chinese lattice pattern, holds both in place without any adhesives or screws. Moving to the titanium case (40mm x 9.5mm) whose sides are inspired by the forms of ancient pagoda rooftops, it is apparent that it – as well as the integrated bracelet – have been finished to a new degree. Based on user feedback, Atelier Wen has painstakingly polished every individual inner angle between the links. The result is the most refined Perception model to date.

Other details to note include a 100m water resistance, push-clasp microadjustment, and partial exhibition and engraved caseback. The Perception ‘Càn’ uses a Chinese Liaoning Peacock movement that beats at 4Hz with 41 hours of power reserve. In a display of “East meets West”, the movement features perlage on the base plate and Geneva stripes on the bridges.

Like the first collaboration between Atelier Wen and Revolution, this watch is sure to make a big impact for those who are invested in the company’s identity and product. What sets the ‘Càn’, and the Perception line in general, apart is the incredible hand-finishing on the dial and distinctive Chinese design language. The watch is priced at $3,600 and limited to 100 pieces. They will be available for purchase on 10/18/2023 on Atelier Wen

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