Around the Web: “One of the World’s Oldest Clocks Stops Ticking, Briefly”

Last summer, we wrote about one of the greatest horological structures in existence—the Prague Orloj, or the Astronomical Clock of Prague. Completed in 1493, the impressive monument was, at the time, the envy of the world. So much so, in fact, that a rogue group of city elders had the clock’s mysterious architect, a man simply known as Hanuš, scarred and blinded out of fear that he would go to a rival city and erect a competing structure. As the story goes, the enraged Hanuš laid a curse upon Prague, warning that if the Orloj ever stopped working the city would suffer a great misfortune.

Well, buckle up, Prague, you may be in for some rough times ahead. According to The New York Times, the 600-year-old clock has been stopped for some much-needed repairs, which are being described as its most “ambitious” to date. Petr Skala, 71-years young and a certified clock master for 25 years who has been the clock’s caretaker for close to a decade, will be working on the project through August 2018.

To learn what repairs are expected to take place, read the full story here: The New York Times.

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