Around the Web: “Smartwatches are Dying Because They are Worthless”

Mention smartwatches to a mechanical watch lover and you’re sure to be met with an eye roll and a sigh. But whatever feelings you may harbor for these small wrist-bound computers, smartwatches have been a mostly rising trend in recent years, and undoubtedly a source of consternation to an ailing watch industry. Now, there are indicators—among them Pebble’s acquisition (some would say demise) by Fitbit and overall dwindling sales numbers—that the smartwatch market may not be as strong as it once was believed to be. Gizmodo’s Alex Cranz reasons this decline, arguing, “The convenience of the smartwatch is outdone by its inconveniences—the pairing with a phone, the need to charge, and the stigma of that glowing display that’s always on your wrist.”

Pebble Time Round (2)There have certainly been some improvements, namely Apple Watch’s latest software update, but only time will tell what the future holds for this market segment. For the full article, visit Gizmodo.

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