Baltic Celebrates 5th Anniversary With Special Aquascaphe Dual-Crown

I don’t wish to alarm you, but 2017 was 5 years ago. In that time, Baltic has become something of a staple within the small independent scene. The young French brand has proven adept at consistently releasing watches that get the details right. Great design, both aesthetic and ergonomic, along with a high value proposition go a long way. Who’d have thought. We were proud to host Baltic at the 2017 edition of our Windup Watch Fair, and have kept an eager eye on their work ever since. In celebration of this milestone, Baltic has released a special Aquascaphe Dual-Crown with a colorful dial in a small, 200 piece limited edition. 

The special Aquascape uses the same steel case we know and love within the existing collection, meaning a trim 39mm diameter and 11.9mm thickness with a lug to lug measurement of 47mm. Within these confines Baltic are showing a little ‘90s graphic flair, inspired by bright and colorful streetwear of the era. It’s an homage to the youthful days of the brand’s three founders.


The black dial gets vibrant green accents around the hour markers and the minute hand, with a single hint of orange at the tip of the seconds hand. The internal bezel welcomes a helping of purple applied to the indexes of the first 20 seconds. In total, the colors come together in a way that compliments the overall design, without taking it over altogether. It’s a vibe, as they say. 

The watch can be paired with either a green or purple tropic strap to bring out the color of your choice, though it will likely work just as well with a strap of your choice (as these things do). As of yet, the straps alone are not available to purchase from Baltic. 

The Aquascaphe Dual-Crown 5th Anniversary edition is a fitting tribute to what is surely just the opening chapter for Blatic. In just the past year or so we’ve seen new families introduced, a unique watch sold at Only Watch (for CHF50,000!), and of course, some stunning collaborations, including our own. It’s fair to say that Baltic have traversed their opening stages rather eloquently, and they remain as interesting as ever. 

You can see more of the 5th Anniversary Aquascaphe Dual-Crown from Baltic right here, where it quickly sold out this morning, and be sure to keep an eye out for more Baltic at our upcoming Windup Watch Fair in San Francisco later this month.

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