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Join Worn & Wound and Watches of Switzerland for an Evening of Great Watches

The team at Watches of Switzerland has opened their doors to Worn & Wound for …
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Review: Baltic Aquascaphe

When Baltic released their Bicompax chronographs last year to great fanfare, I don’t think they imagined the challenge they would be creating for themselves. How …
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Introducing the Aquascaphe, Baltic’s First Vintage-Inspired Dive Watch

Since bursting onto the scene with a pair of handsome ‘40s-inspired watches at a great price point, Baltic has deservedly been at the center of …
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10 Great Hand-Wound Watches For $1,500 and Under

Hand-wound movements aren’t as popular today as they once were, but for many of us they’re a satisfying alternative to the ubiquitous auto-winders and quartz. …

#WhichWatchWednesday: Baltic Bicompax 001 VS Mercer Lexington

On today’s installment of #WhichWatchWednesday—our ongoing Instagram and video series that pits two watches in a head-to-head competition that asks you, our readers, to choose …