Baume & Mercier Introduces a New Set of Classimas with Straps Inspired by the World of Classic Tailoring

Baume & Mercier has added to their Classima collection with a series of new watches inspired by fine British tailoring. A total of six new Classimas take what Baume refers to as their “gentleman’s watch” and add straps sourced from Holland & Sherry, a Saville Row tailor that has been crafting bespoke garments since 1836. As much as we love straps around here, it’s rare that they are the main draw of a new watch release, so news of the Saville Row inspired lineup was somewhat surprising. At their core, regardless of the strap, the Classima remains an inoffensive and perfectly sensible entry level everyday watch from a large Swiss brand. 

The Classima Special Edition watches, as they’re known, all feature round dials and cases with gentle curves, and the dials stick to a simple format of large Arabic numerals at the cardinal positions. Two smaller quartz models in 39mm cases have gold plated accents on the hands and hour markers against silver and gray dials, and the collection jumps to 42mm for silver and purple dials, with teal and white accents, respectively. The only models running on an automatic movement are 42mm variants consisting of a silver dial with teal accents and a “peacock blue” dial with silver accents. All of the watches have subtle patterns that seem to take inspiration from men’s suiting, which make these dials somewhat distinct from the typical sunray finishes you might normally find on a watch like this. 

A nice touch on the part of Baume & Mercier here is that all of the watches have closed and blank casebacks suitable for engraving. This is a practice we wish more brands would consider, particularly as we approach the holidays and some might be thinking of giving watches as gifts (or hoping to receive one). 

As mentioned, the straps take a headlining role with the Classima Special Editions. All of the watches include a fabric strap made from either Super 100 or Super 120 wool with traditional saddle stitching. From the Baume supplied photos, color selections appear to be a nice match. If wool based straps aren’t your thing, Baume also includes traditional leather straps with each watch so customers can switch up the look if they desire. 

Baume & Mercier doesn’t get a ton of press attention as their watches are decidedly outside the scope of most enthusiasts in the community. This is a brand that makes watches that are right down the middle in terms of aesthetics, an attempt to appeal to an audience that’s as wide as possible. That’s a weakness, perhaps, from an enthusiast point of view, but their ability to make high quality watches that look nice without much fuss is a strength when it comes to tempting newcomers into the hobby. I can think of more than a few seasoned collectors who let Baume & Mercier watches pass through their watchboxes in their earliest days of collecting. Watches like the Classima are frequently the first step into the strange world most of those reading this have already found themselves in. 

The suggested retail price for the quartz Classimas is $1,450 in both 39mm and 42mm sizes. The automatic Classimas will sell for $2,300. For more information on the Baume & Mercier Classima Special Edition watches, head to their website.

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Zach is a native of New Hampshire, and he has been interested in watches since the age of 13, when he walked into Macy’s and bought a gaudy, quartz, two-tone Citizen chronograph with his hard earned Bar Mitzvah money. It was lost in a move years ago, but he continues to hunt for a similar piece on eBay. Zach loves a wide variety of watches, but leans toward classic designs and proportions that have stood the test of time. He is currently obsessed with Grand Seiko.

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