Breitling Revamps Their Avenger Collection

Breitling is keeping their foot on the gas in redesigning their core collection of aviation watches, and this time they’ve updated their modern pilot range, the Avenger collection. As opposed to Breitling’s other collections, such as the Navitimer and the AVI, the Avenger is relatively new with just over 20 years under its belt. As such, the design feels anchored in a very different aesthetic, which has now been updated to slightly more modern sensibilities while still being a familiar sight overall. The new Avenger collection welcomes a chronograph, a GMT, and time and date watches, each with a variety of options totaling 11 new references altogether. 

The Aveneger has always been an aviation watch aimed at the more extreme end of things, proudly boasting the winged B logo on its dial and an unorthodox design to suit the needs of the jet pilots it was intended for. The latest generations looks to smooth out a few of the rough edges, and create a design some may consider more palatable to a wider audience. In the process, the Avenger doesn’t quite have the same impact it once had, but will it be more approachable as a result?


The new collection ditches the winged B logo, opting for the large scripted B instead, leaving the Professional collection as the last holdout for the classic rendition. The distinctive bezel with heavy block section added to the cardinal positions remains, though in a slightly less aggressive manner than we’ve seen it in the past. This may be the most successful take on the bezel I’ve seen yet and I think it works well in the new frame. The softer approach is also taken on the dials and even the bracelet design, making for what could be considered slightly generic looking design decisions. 

The chronograph Aveneger is likely to be the stand out among the new releases, as it welcomes Breitling B01 movement within its 44mm case. The restrained dial choices work well here across the 4 standard dial colorways, which include black, blue, green, and sand, each with contrasting black sub dials and chapter ring. The optional bracelet gets a male end link, which will push the already substantial 53mm lug to lug distance, but then again, this was never going to be a watch for the faint of heart.

In addition to the regular chronograph models, there are 2 Night Mission chronographs that look more like the Avengers of old, with a black ceramic case and Arabic numerals gracing the black or yellow dial options. A titanium crown and pushers accent the dark case nicely, and this is the watch that feels the most ‘action ready’ of the bunch. 

An Automatic GMT Aveneger sized at 44mm, and an Automatic Avenger sized at 42mm round out the collection, each utilizing ETA based movements and both bracelet and strap options. Pricing starts at $4,850 for the time and date Automatic, and goes to $5,500 for the Automatic GMT, while the Avenger Chronograph is priced from $8,000 in steel, and $9,300 in ceramic. More from Breitling.

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