Casio Recalls Their Classic F-100 With New A100 Vintage

Casio’s Vintage collection gets a little bigger this week with the introduction of the new A100, a digital throwback that references the OG F-100, aka the ‘other’ Ripley watch. Not to be confused with the Seiko ‘Giugiaro’ as seen in the movie Aliens, the F-100 appeared in the first of the franchise, Alien, in a rather unique set up at that, thanks to the film’s prop department. The new watch is a faithful interpretation of the late ‘70s classic, in three metallic colorways, all under $80.


I say interpretation because, while it is similar, there’s one detail suspiciously absent: none of the three available configurations match the original black. Perhaps saving that one for an LE down the road (fingers crossed). The new A100 retains the familiar digital display at the top, and a second section with 4 buttons at the bottom, labeled only by bars of color. It’s undoubtedly stylish, but it also means you’ll be responsible for remembering their functions every time you strap it on. Thankfully, the functions are relatively simple and straightforward, and most importantly, those color bars look really cool. 

The functions are referenced on the top screen of the watch, with each column getting three separate labels in a different colors, with month, day, date; minutes, seconds, 1/10th seconds; and hours, minutes, seconds appearing in green, orange, and white respectively. The buttons manage the whole operation front and center rather than along the side of the case. The clear bar at the top left is the reset button, while the yellow next to it operates the light under the dial. The bottom row gets the ‘mode’ button at left, and ‘start/stop’ at the right next to their red and green bars. 

The A100 will be offered in three variations, with the silver stainless steel reference A100WE-1AVT priced at $54.95. Two plated models in gold (A100WEG-9AVT) and grey (A100WEGG-1AVT) are also available, and are priced at $74.95. All three models will be available to purchase directly from Casio in early September. Casio.

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