Citizen Launches New Super Titanium Promaster Dive Automatic

Citizen has been on an absolute tear with their Promaster diver watches, having released a few bangers already this year, and now they’re adding a new Super Titanium Dive Automatic to the mix, and these are shamelessly all-out in their presentation. These watches are rocking the same high-beat, anti-magnetic movements we’ve seen used in their The Citizen collection in watches like the Series 8, and these divers pack a visual punch to go with it. There’s textures, colors, and that unmistakable Promaster style. 

There are a range of dive styles within the Promaster Dive collection, but these Super Titanium models stand apart from the others thanks to the robust packaging within a case that measures 46mm in diameter, and from the looks of it, only slightly less in total thickness. A rather slight chassis just manages to hold the central portion of the case, but the bezel assembly spills over the edges. You could make a comparison to the Seiko ‘Arnie’ references, and like those watches, the Citizen has short lugs so the heft should sit squarely within the wrist. Being titanium (super titanium, even), this one might be surprisingly wearable.


We generally associate such over-engineered cases with exceptional depth ratings, but this isn’t always the case. Like the Seiko ‘Arnie’ watches, this Citizen is rated at 200m of depth resistance. It does offer magnetic resistance of up to 16,000 a/m, which is perhaps a more practical feature than a massive depth rating. This suggests the case, dial, and bezel are all designed around an aesthetic goal for ease of visibility and use. Here, the Citizen excels, as this watch packs plenty of visual drama from pretty much every angle.

The bezel itself is a sight to behold, with deep grooves at its edges, pyramidal stubs at the center, within which we see each 10 minutes marked off with oversized numerals, and there’s even a minute index along an inner ring for redundancy to the rehaut. It’s a trip in and of itself, and it frames a familiar Citizen dive watch dial, with chunky hands, semi-circle hour markers filled with lume, and that same pyramidal stub pattern repeating in the background. A date complication is set at 3 o’clock.

As a whole, the look is unique to Citizen and this execution offers plenty in the way of angles and textures to take in and appreciate. What might be overwhelming at a glance has a cohesion that I can’t help but find attractive when taken a whole. 

The Dive Automatic uses the Citizen 9051 automatic caliber, which we’ve seen appear within their higher end collections, and offers that stout magnetic resistance. This is Citizen’s premium dive watch offering, and is priced from $1,095 on a rubber strap, and $1,295 on the full super titanium bracelet. Citizen.

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