D-Wade, Hublot and an Epic Watch Video


There are a few different ways that you can put yourself in a position to design a $20,000 watch – you can either dedicate yourself to becoming an industry leading designer with a passion for horology, or you can commit your life to basketball, get drafted into the NBA, cheat the system by teaming up with your biggest professional rivals, and then lose in the 2011 NBA finals (ZING!).  As it turns out, Dwyane Wade, guard for the Miami Heat and former NBA champion, has taken the latter route and today is living the watch geek’s dream.

You see, Wade is a huge fan of watches, and crazy rich.  He also has an affinity for fashion and generally gaudy watches, so naturally he is a big fan of Hublot.  I know what you’re thinking, “Blake, that seems a bit harsh!”  Yeah, well, I like simplicity in the design of my watches, and Hublot doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word.  But more on Hublot in a minute, lets first talk about Wade’s first attempt at watch design.

In February of this year, Hublot announced Wade as their newest ambassador, joining the ranks of Jet Li, Diego Maradona (soccer), Bode Miller (skiing) and several others.  Most recently, the company revealed the coming release of Wade’s custom designed watch, the King Power D-Wade. It will feature a ceramic case, a face designed to resemble a basketball court and a strap reminiscent of a basketball net.  AWESOME.  There will also only be 500 made, with each costing a whopping $20,000.  Now all those Miami Heat fans that don’t go to games will have a new and even more expensive way to show their team pride.  Unfortunately there are no pictures of the watch out yet that I can find.

Now back to Hublot.  For those of you not familiar, here’s a selection from the watch company’s standard press release – “Hublot made its name 30 years ago when it became the first Swiss watch luxury brand to fuse precious metals with functional rubber, sparking a revolution for material innovation and aesthetics.”  They also make a watch called the Big Bang Tutti Frutti, and something that looks like this.  My brain hurts.

So there you have it: D-Wade, Hublot and, here it is, an Epic Watch Video.  Enjoy (or don’t…its pretty ugly).

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