Doxa’s New Sub 200 C-Graph II is Smaller, Slimmer & Ready for Your Next Cave Dive (Or Not)

When I hear the words “Doxa Sub,” it’s hard for me to not start conjuring images in the ol’ noggin of that wide cushion, pebble-like steel case, the orange accented no-deco table splitting bezel duty with an elapsed time display, and the ever-so whimsical dial. The Sub 300 is a damn near perfect watch, in my humble opinion. But lately (over the course of two years), Doxa has given their flagship dive watch some company within their catalog by way of a couple releases that, at glance, might not resemble the Doxa you and I are used to. The brand with a storied history in the sport of diving and oceanic exploration has been doing some exploring of their own, but into different case design waters. I’m referring to their contemporary divers that use more of a conventional round case shape like the Sub 200 and the Sub 200 C-Graph.

Recently, Doxa released the second coming of their Sub 200 chronograph with the Sub 200 C-Graph II. There are notable differences with the newcomer that include several models within the collection now sporting a steel bezel (as a traditional Doxa should have), a new dial finish, and smaller case proportions that amount to a more wearable, everyday diver.


When the Doxa Sub 200 C-Graph was introduced in 2020, it reintroduced a chronograph into their expansive regular production diver collection. It was (and still is) a three-register chronograph that attempted to keep some of the vintage charm with its faux-patina markers. In terms of its case sizing, the Sub 200 C-Graph is not for the faint of wrist. As it currently stands, the case proportions are 45mm width x 49mm lug to lug x 17.25mm thickness – measurements ideal for Big Dive Watch Season.

If you’ve been eyeing this particular chronograph, but have been deterred by its sheer size, then the rest of this article will be music to your ears. The Doxa Sub 200 C-Graph II takes all of what makes its OG counterpart decent, and packages it into a tidier 42mm case. The case also gets cut down in the lug to lug department, now coming in at 46mm. And similar to the result of someone doing 1,000 situps everyday for 365 days straight, the Sub 200 C-Graph II is thinner at the waist with its manageable 15.85mm case thickness.

The bezel still has the familiar sawtooth grip that makes turning the bezel seamless, with or without dive gloves donned. What I need to get used to is a Doxa bezel sans a no-decompression scale. The Sub 200 C-Graph II’s bezel is solely dedicated to a count-up display with several variations constructed out of straight steel, and a few out of ceramic. Take your pick, because the options are plentiful both in bezel variations and dial colors.

If you’re new to the Doxa brand, then it’s worth noting that to better understand their collections, you need to learn the model nicknames, which defines the dial color that comes on a specific reference. Here goes the full-list related to what’s available in the new Sub 200 C-Graph II collection; Sharkhunter-black dial, Professional-orange dial, Divingstar-yellow dial, Caribbean-navy blue dial, Aquamarine-teal dial, and the newly added Whitepearl-white dial. What’s unique to this new release is that all dial colors come adorned with a sun-ray finish, amplifying their already vibrantly colored dials.

The Sharkhunter, Caribbean and a Whitepearl variation comes equipped with a scratch-proof ceramic bezel. The remaining models, including another Whitepearl reference, have an accompanying steel bezel. I applaud Doxa here for opting to go without the faux-patina markers here. Not only did they bring the watch into the present by making the case more compact, but the stark white markers make the dial feel more modern to the eye.

According to Doxa, the Sub 200 C-Graph II’s creation was inspired by the rigors of cave diving and the need for a durable, reliable and accurate timepiece as a backup while participating in the extreme sport. I’ve watched my fair share of cave diving documentaries and all I can say is that the whole idea of it is just plain gnarly. You’re in complete darkness with walls that seem to (and actually) cave in with every second you go deeper. One wrong turn or lapse of focus could be a matter of life or death. Now Doxa has been a brand synonymous with exploration into the unknown. Cousteau, a Doxador himself, once said, “Il faut aller voir.” which in English, translates to, “We must go see for ourselves.” So if you’re planning on exploring the depths of a cave beneath a body of water’s surface, then mark the 200 meters of water resistance reinforced by a screw down crown and screw-in caseback, robust steel case and a chronograph feature powered by the Sellita SW-510 as additional welcomed, and potentially life-saving features.

The entire Sub 200 C-Graph II collection is currently available for pre-order directly through Doxa’s website. You have your choice between the classic beads of rice stainless steel bracelet or a color matching FKM rubber strap. The prices range from $2,850 for a steel bezel insert model on a FKM rubber strap to $2,990 for a ceramic bezel insert model on a steel bracelet. For more information on the Sub 200 C-Graph II, as well as their entire range of divers, head on over to Doxa.

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