Farer Introduces the Chronograph Sport Titanium Collection, with New Takes on Old Favorites in a Lighter Metal

Today, Farer has launched the latest additions to the Chrono-Sport lineup with their new Chronograph Sport Titanium collection. As the name suggests, these watches will be released in a titanium frame, versus the standard steel from previous models. Not only does this reduce weight by around 20%, but it also brings some of Farer’s most intriguing designs back to the forefront of conversation.

Farer is a brand that knows what it’s doing and how to do it well. With an emphasis on updating classic designs with contemporary color combinations, Farer isn’t afraid to be bold without ever veering into the ostentatious. This can be seen with the two colorways for the Titanium collection: the Carnegie and the Bernina. Both inspired by the legendary motor races held in St. Moritz, each relies on a common design language that is somehow completely retro and totally modern all at once. 

The Carnegie Titanium leans more towards the alpine nature of St. Mortiz with its complementary blue and bronze accents. With a subtle sunburst dial and accents of silver, it’s a watch that could easily be found on any racer worth his salt in the heyday of motoracing. The ceramic bezel, three subdials, and Super-LumiNova hour markers all finish the appearance of the Carngie to put it miles above others in its class in terms of appearance.

Contrasting the cool Carnegie is the more vibrant Bernina, which puts the pedal to the metal for the Farer line-up. With red and off-white accents, it’s a sportier interpretation of a chronograph with a distinct personality compared to others in the Chrono-Sport line-up. The hands have been updated to a sportier feel compared to the previous version of the steel Bernina, and additional accents include blue hands on the subdials to keep the design engaging.

Both models in the Chronograph Sport Titanium line-up feature a 41mm case made of Grade 2 Titanium. A ceramic bezel surrounds the dial with an engraved tachymeter scale in a complementary colorway. The Chrono-Sports run on a Sellita SW510M b movement, making this a manual-wind watch that has approximately 63 hours of reserve when fully wound. 

Currently, these watches retail for $1,995 and can be purchased directly from Farer. Farer

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