First Look: The MeisterSinger Metris Collection

For 2018, MeisterSinger continues to do what it does best. Expanding on its catalog of single-hand watches, the Swiss/German firm has presented a new collection dubbed the Metris, which introduces a new case design that gives the whole endeavor a much sportier vibe than anything we have ever seen from the brand.

Measuring a perfect 38mm across, the new stainless steel case is a surprising match to the stoic, dressier concept you see across the dial. But in person, it simply works. The case is ’70s-inspired (in fact, I’m getting some vintage Grand/King Seiko vibes off of this one), and on the wrist it’s an ergonomic dream. I didn’t catch the lug-to-lug in our meeting, but the watch fits perfectly on my seven-inch wrist.


I have always been a huge fan of MeisterSinger, but my primary gripe with the brand’s watches was with the lack of case variety (not size, mind you, but style) across its catalog. The new Metris case obviously changes that and fortunately for us consumers it’s also just a really well-done one. Furthermore, it’s been engineered for activity in mind—it’s rated to 20 bar. Feel free to take this one into the pool.

The inaugural Metris collection starts with four dial options: opaline silver, black, ivory, and blue. At six is a date window magnified through the glass. Cyclops-haters, trust me on this one, it looks really cool here. And the magnification is actually functional, as it does make the date much easier to read. On the black version, it really pulls the eye toward the red-text-on-white-background date wheel.

Powering the watch is an ETA 2824 automatic caliber, an industry workhorse.

The watch comes with a seatbelt-style mil-strap, which looks nice paired with the case, but a leather two-piece or maybe even a milanese band would look right at home. Oh, yeah, and cordovan, too. Cordovan would look killer. Now that I’m back in NYC and more or less recovered from some horrible jet lag, I’ve been thinking back to the show and what really stood out. The Black Bay Fifty-Eight was definitely one. This is another. As far as my watch collecting goes, I’ve always wanted to get a single-hand watch, but I had never found the right one that was different enough from what I already have. The Metris, with its sporty retro case and dynamic dials, certainly changes that.

The Metris collection is priced around $1,500. MeisterSinger

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