G-Shock Adds Innovative Lightweight Model To MT-G Series

Let’s close our eyes and use our imaginations for a second. Picture sitting in an all black, fully loaded, high-tech, tactical truck going ever-so slightly above your local highway speed limit. That’s about 5000 lbs, give or take, moving at a decent speed. Now imagine if I told you that the very same truck, with the same tech and features, going at the same exact speed, weighed 77% lighter. That’s mind boggling if you pause and think about it. Now coming back to reality, and on a much smaller scale, G-Shock has done the same exact thing with their recent announcement of the new and highly innovative lightweight model, the MTGB2000YBD1.

The case of the MTGB2000YBD1 (I’m going with MTGD1 for short) uses a similar version of their G-Shock Dual Core Guard Structure that is found throughout the entire MT-G series. For those not familiar, it’s an exceptionally protective shell that has their Carbon Monocoque Case tucked in between the top metal frame of the case, which then securely screws into the base metal cargo frame. What makes the MTGD1 special is that G-Shock has made the watch 77% lighter compared to its steel frame counterparts, by replacing the metal cargo frame with a laminated carbon frame, made up of 235 layered sheets of machined carbon and glass fiber. The carbon frame extends from the edge of the bezel to the sides of the watch providing an impenetrable armor and a racing stripe flare to the octagonal facets of the MTGD1.

The MTGD1 definitely provides some wrist presence with its case proportions, measuring 55.1 mm wide, 49.8 mm lug to lug and 15.9 mm thick. The exposed screws found throughout the case, prominent pushers and polygonal crown add to the already rough and rugged aesthetic of the MTGD1. The dial layout also remains consistent, with the local time sub-register displayed as 24 hour time at nine-thirty, second timezone display sub-register with a small AM/PM indicator at seven-thirty, date window at four-thirty and the large day display / function sub-register at three.

The thick hour and minute hands, white tipped applied hour markers and red hash marks provide a stark contrast to the matte charcoal dial, providing easy legibility in the daytime hours. Darkness isn’t a problem either, as the MTGD1 is equipped with a double LED Super Illuminator. As advertised, the MTGD1 weighs significantly less, coming in at approximately 131 grams.

Continuing with the car references, trying to understand the different features and tools that the MTGD1 is stacked with is like hopping into a sports car and not having a clue as to what each button does, let alone how to actually start it. Let’s see if I can make some sense of it all. The MTGD1 has bluetooth capability to connect with the G-Shock Connected App which allows the user to choose any time around the world, set a dual timezone, or set an alarm on their phone.

Moments after hitting the ‘sync’ button, users see the MTGD1 adjust itself in real time. The G-Shock connected App also allows the user to check battery levels and set up the ‘Find My Phone’ feature, where with one press of ‘Start’ button sets an alarm off on your phone, saving you the hassle of turning your house upside down. Accurate timekeeping should never be an issue as well, since the MTGD1 also features MULTIBAND 6 Atomic Timekeeping, which can accurately adjust the time automatically almost anywhere on the planet.

The MTGD1 will come on a bracelet that is also engineered to weigh less and to improve comfort while its buckled in onto the wrist. The bracelet is hollowed out by using what G-Shock calls ‘Metal Injection Molding’ which reduces the weight of the bracelet by 15% when compared to the MTGB1000 and is layered with a composite band made of fine resin to ensure the aforementioned, comfortable fit. 

I’ve always referred to G-Shocks as indestructible watches. Actually, Zach Weiss said it best in the last W&W podcast, “It takes skill to kill a G-Shock.”. Either way, I’ve come to realize that just as much as they’ve continued to innovate in making robust, everyday watches, G-Shock has also elevated their application of technology in, and out of their watches. The MTGB2000YBD1 will retail for $1,200 and will be available for purchase at select G-Shock retailers, the G-Shock Soho Store and G-Shock

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