G-Shock Shows Us What They’ve Got with this New Rick and Morty Limited Edition

Did anyone have a G-Shock x Rick and Morty collaboration on their 2021 watch bingo card? If so, you just won big. Here we have a watch, not unlike G-Shock’s recent Budweiser collab, that I don’t think anyone was really expecting, but is still likely to be impossible to find outside of the highly competitive G-Shock reseller market. This watch has cult hit written all over it, quite literally in fact, as the Adult Swim show it’s based on has achieved a certain type of iconic status among an extremely dedicated group of fans. 

The DW5600RM21-1 takes the classic DW5600 and Rick and Mortifies it across every millimeter (editor’s note: exactly which Ricks and which Morties is up for debate). Neon green is everywhere, and representations of the title characters can be found on the strap along with the show’s logo on the dial and keeper. Flipping the watch over reveals an additional engraving of the logo and characters. Illuminating the backlight provides an Easter egg of sorts (common with these G-Shocks), presenting you with a neon tinged likeness of our heroes (anti-heros?). Like we said, Rick and Morty are all over this watch.

A large part of the charm with special editions like these is always the packaging, and the Rick and Morty G-Shock doesn’t disappoint. The box and tin are both custom designed and feature colorful renditions of Rick and Morty as well as the show’s portal gun. 

As is always the case with G-Shock, no matter how playful the theme of the watch happens to be, it’s still a G-Shock. That means it has the standard 200 meters of water resistance, shock protection, an alarm, stopwatch, countdown timer, and more. It’s more than a little amusing to imagine someone putting a watch like this through its paces and really taking advantage of its more robust qualities. Again, all part of the charm. 

G-Shock is referring to this watch as a limited edition, precise information on the quantity being produced is not currently available. As alluded to up top, though, we expect this one to go fast. It will be available this month through G-Shock’s website and select retail stores, at a price point of $170. G-Shock

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