June 12, 2024
Get Personal and Purposeful with the Father’s Day Gift Guide from Citizen
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With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s a good time to reflect about what it is we love about our dads, grandpas, and chosen family. They show up for us at our low points and help celebrate our highs. With the seasons heating up (at least on this half of the hemisphere), Father’s Day can be a great time to get outside with the dads in your life and show them you appreciate what you have built together. In honor of dads, Citizen and Worn & Wound put together a Father’s Day themed gift guide, featuring purposeful and powerful gifts to celebrate your relationships and the endless possibilities you can achieve because of them.

"Tsuyosa" Small Second

For a Dad that’s not like all the other dads, give him a watch that stands out in a crowd. The newest addition to the stylish “Tsuyosa” automatics collection, the “Tsuyosa” Small Second brings an impressive amount of sophistication in a sleek 40mm footprint. With a silver-tone stainless steel case and quickly-interchangeable bracelet, the watch can dress up and down for any occasion. The recessed 4 o’clock crown position keeps additional focus on the robust dial which includes a textured pattern, a contrasting 6 o’clock seconds counter, and additional silver-tone details to keep the watch seamlessly attractive. With an in-house Citizen Caliber 8322 movement capable of a 60-hour power reserve, the “Tsuyosa” is available in Gray, Green, or Blue starting at $550.

"Tsuyosa" Small Second Compatible Green Leather Strap

Another way to show Dad you admire his flexibility, pair the “Tsuyosa” Small Second with the compatible Leather Strap. At 22mm, the leather is a perfect reminder of heydays in his favorite Leather jackets or playing catch in the park. Like all leather goods, these straps with will soak up the memories of each time he wears his watch, making his watch uniquely his own. And with a certification from the prestigious Leather Working Group, he can be sure it meets rigid sustainability standards as well. The Green Leather strap is a favorite, but also check out the Khaki and Blue Leather “Tsuyosa” Small Second Compatible straps for $95 on the Citizen website.

Promaster x Cantonment Kerchief

Whether he’s at the work bench or the grill, the Promaster x Cantonment Kerchief is an elevated accoutrement to keep dad in the zone. The Kerchief features a custom Citizen design, capturing the spirit of the Promaster Air. Made from 100% cotton, the 18.5 inch kerchief is perfectly sized to become a part of his everyday carry kit. The merrowed edge give the kerchief a clean finish and the buttonholes sewn into each corner continue to expand the product’s functionality. Give a gift that blends style and utility, and check out the Land and Sea editions as well, each for $25 in the Citizen Shop.

Tactile Turn x ADPT Slim Side Click Pen

Gone are the days of quill and ink writing and so too are the days of badly made pens. The modern dad requires a modern writing instrument. Enter the Tactile Turn x ADPT Slim Side Click is the perfect pen for this Dad. Designed and machined down to the springs and screws in America, the pen uses titanium and cerakote to stay light and colorful. A familiar pusher at the top reveals the ball-point pen (with a Pilot G2 0.7 mm cartridge) while the unique Side Click button satisfyingly snaps the nib safely back in the case. At just 0.88 ounces and 5.8 inches, this ADPT collab (another US-Made brand) uses olive green, coyote brown, and flame orange cerakote (a baked-on ceramic finish) to build a clean, comfortable, easy-to-find pen no matter how messy his desk is. Get his next favorite pen in the Windup Watch Shop for $199 today.

Persol Steve McQueen Sunglasses

The future is bright for Dad! One of the world’s first-ever folding sunglasses, the Persol 714SM Steve McQueen sunglasses will catch and protect your Dad’s eyes, just as they did for the Hollywood hero Steve McQueen. With an acetate frame and crystal lenses, you can trust these glasses to hold up (and fold up) at any summer event. Persol describes these as a regular fit with a medium lens front for those who prefer a standard amount of face coverage from their sunglasses. Available in a range of colors and prices, we’re fans of the Terra Di Sienna colorway, starting at $482 in the Persol shop.

Giant Mouse Caplifter

Is your dad always looking for the “thing” he just put “right there” and “do you have any idea where it might be?” Give him the Caplifter from Giant Mouse Knives and at the very least he’ll have a bottle opener, pry bar and his keys on a fashionable titanium tool. The bottle opener serves all standard Jarritos, Classic Cokes, or anything else un-twist-off-able on a summer day and the Pry Bar can be used for any scraping or pulling tasks around the house. Also available in Bronze for an additional heft, the Caplifter comes with textured grip and the stylish Giant Mouse logo engraved on the front. Get the Titanium pocket tool for $75 in the Windup Watch Shop today.

Ridge Wallet

Help Dad break the chunky wallet stereotype with the extremely refined Ridge Wallet. Able to hold up to 12 cards with the dual-track design, the wallet is both modular in design and comes with a lifetime warranty. The wallet also has RFID blocking for additional peace of mind. The Ridge wallet is made from 6061-T6 Aerospace-Grade Aluminum, weighs 2 ounces, and measures at 86mm x 54mm x 6mm. 6 millimeters is pretty slim! We’re a fan of the High Dive Blue | Aluminum colorway starting at $95, but check out the additional colors, materials, and mods on the Ridge site.


No matter who you celebrate on Father’s Day, the “Tsuyosa” Small Second from Citizen is the perfect way to recognize the time these people have spent in your life. Citizen maintains a commitment to building a purposeful, powerful, and sustainable future. It’s everything a father could dream of. Head over to the Citizen site today to see more of their well-built watches and accessories.

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June 12, 2024