Hexa Q500 Giveaway!!! CLOSED


Congrats to Klint on the win!

Remember the Hexa Q500?  That brutal yet awesome looking, 500m quartz diver we reviewed yesterday? Well, we’re pretty excited to be giving you this opportunity to win it! The watch features a Miyota Quartz, sapphire crystal, beautiful matte blasted finish (which is currently sold out), matching heavy-duty bracelet and grey rubber strap for a value of $424. So whether your in need of a tool diver, or just like cool chunky watches, you really should enter below!

Big thanks to the great guys at Hexa for supplying the giveaway watch! Be sure to follow them on twitter and facebook

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To be in the running for the Hexa Q500, all you have to do is;

Comment on this post on wornandwound.com (not the original review or on any social media or other website where this post may appear) before the giveaway is over on October 31st, 2013 at 11:59pm (EST). You must enter a valid email address in the comment form. No need to mention anything specific in your comment, but make sure you write something (preferably something nice!). After Oct 31st a winner will be chosen at random and contacted by us.

In addition, the following rules apply. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

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719 responses to “Hexa Q500 Giveaway!!! CLOSED”

  1. Nikita says:

    The watch looks very fresh, masculine and well build!
    I would love to have one.

  2. Gary Teo says:

    Love to have this As my 1st Quartz diver

  3. Amazing watch and count me in for my first diver.

  4. Patrick T says:

    Awesome. This is a design that has really grown on me. Would love to have one for my wrist.

  5. Johan says:

    Well, actually this is a little too bold for my taste, but I would really like to try it and make an effort to change my mind.

  6. Mcowiec says:

    Another nice watch in an awesome giveaway. Thanks!

  7. Luc says:

    Unusual design and i like that.

  8. miles says:

    that would make me a great X-Mas present!

  9. Michl says:

    This watch is pure WHOW!

  10. Tony Orzano says:

    Awesome watch!

  11. Matt says:

    Fascinating looking watch, would like to have something a little different 🙂

  12. Ante Bogdan says:

    great watch.good luck everyone.

  13. Maribozu says:


  14. Tomasz says:

    Great watch!
    Thank You for another giveaway. W&W is my favorite watch website 🙂

  15. Kurtuba says:

    This Hexa watch is quite original. Specially interesting is the ubication of the crown at 11. Thanks to W&W and Hexa!!

  16. Pavel says:

    Have a good time with HEXA watches!

  17. Brian M says:

    I would love to win this watch– huge fan of tool dive watches! Thanks yet again for a great giveaway!

  18. frank white says:

    I’m a big fan of micro brand divers and have wanted a Hexa since they first started posting on Watchuseek but haven’t had the extra funds. I would love to win this watch.

  19. steeve says:

    nice watch

  20. HW says:

    It’s definitely an interesting looking watch. Love the rugged and unconventional aspect to it. I’ve been looking for just such an outdoor watch for a bit now, so I figure I’ll throw my name into the hat. Cheers and keep up the great reviews!

  21. RWO says:

    Awesome watch, would be awesome to wear while desperately fixing my old (equally square) Volvo again

  22. Ipolit says:

    Great looking watch with serious capablities. I want it, please.

  23. Andrew says:

    Nice watch. GL 2 everyone =)

  24. Ambrose H says:

    Really like the rugged look of the watch and the crown at 10.30. The gray just works too!

  25. Michael says:

    Something nice!

  26. JT says:

    Interesting watch

  27. Tim says:

    Watch giveaway!

  28. ben h says:

    Another great review, keep it up!

  29. Daniel D says:

    Great watch! Thanks W&W

  30. That is an awesome watch.

  31. Nick says:

    Another great W&W review for a very cool diver.

  32. Jesse says:

    I love the gray dial.

  33. Owler says:

    So damn chunky. I love the location of the crown too.

  34. MCain says:

    Though the review was another one for the books, this giveaway has really been the cherry on top. Thanks again, and keep up the great work.

  35. tyreko says:

    Yet another exciting giveaway – you’re definitely spoiling us.

    Having said that, I wouldn’t say no to this prize.
    Thanks w&w.

  36. Marco says:

    I would really appreciate this watch!

  37. Max says:

    Super Nice Watch!!

  38. Daniel says:

    I really like the idea of moving the crown to the 10/11 position. I think it is a great idea on a dive watch (less restrictions on range of motion) and something I think more watch makers should consider.

  39. vergel says:

    Thank you for the chance to win this!

  40. Connor Davis says:

    Great looking watch! Loved the review.

  41. Brad says:

    Crazy watch! Love its style though.

  42. Kennie Goh says:

    Great looking and toolish watch. Both looks and funtionality in 1 watch.

    I would love to own it!

  43. Evan says:

    Weird looking, but cool. I want one.

  44. Wes says:

    Beautiful watch. Keep up the great reviews!

  45. Derrek says:

    Thanks W&W!

  46. Evan C says:

    This watch has grown on me big time. I agree that the gray dial is very unique and the vertical “500” lends to an eye catching uniqueness. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  47. Josh says:

    Interesting watch! The black face version with the red rubber strap is a stellar combo.

  48. Tan says:

    Very nice tool watch. Would be happy to have one

  49. mdarden138 says:

    Tool watch + lume + great looking bracelet = YES PLEASE

  50. Xav says:

    A very masculine and utilitarian watch. Also, the review was quite informative.

  51. Pleazze let me win 🙂

  52. JB Ricard says:

    Very nice watch, great design, would love to have one of these!

  53. Bradford says:

    would be my first quartz…

  54. daniel says:

    Nice watch. Hope to snag it.

  55. Roger says:

    A beautifully striking watch. Thanks for the informative review!

  56. Sv says:

    I usually say no to quartz, but I’ll say yes to free.

  57. AT says:

    Make my day.

  58. German Lopez says:

    This is a great looking watch. I’m lacking in the dive watch dept. I only have one :(. Would love to win this. Thanks for the opp.Worn & Wound!

  59. Rob says:

    A very nice watch for the price!

  60. Thomas says:

    Pretty cool watch!

  61. Wen says:

    Fantastic website. Keep up the good work

  62. Bob says:

    Really great giveaway. Again!

    Hope I win….


  63. JamesP says:

    Another awesome giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

  64. Rob says:

    This watch would look even better on my wrist. Seriously, I have amazing wrists– so combining this watch and my wrist– boom– horological magnificence… bask in its timekeeping glory!

  65. Colin says:

    Delicious. Thanks for the opportunity!

  66. Michael Gore says:

    Great watch!Nice chunky industrial design,just what I like!

  67. David says:

    Great looking watch!

  68. Joe says:

    Oh man.. gimme gimme. I promise i’ll pick up diving if i win this!

  69. This watch would be super cool.

  70. David Xue says:

    A’int nobody got time for descriptions – the watch speaks for itself.

    Magnificent piece.

  71. Thien says:

    I always enter but never win 🙁

  72. Kenny says:

    Another fantastic giveaway! Big props to W&W and Hexa!

  73. Duarte says:

    Just turn 40 yesterday. This would be a nice gift! 😀

  74. Gary says:

    Love the look of that watch. Would love it even more if it was on my wrist!

  75. Kyle says:

    Another great giveaway, thanks w&w!

  76. peter says:

    im getting this one for sure:)

  77. Eric says:

    Always liked this quartz workhorse. Cheers, thanks for a chance.

  78. Jordan says:

    I would love this as a present for my 101 year old nana!

  79. Sean S says:

    Would love to add to my collection!

  80. Steve says:

    Love the unconventional look of this watch. Here goes nothing!

  81. Sam says:

    Thanks again for the great giveaway!

  82. Brandon says:

    Yes please!

  83. KeithJM says:

    Very nice watch

  84. Would be a great addition to my collection

  85. BradB says:

    Another great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity.

  86. Jimi says:

    A great looking diver and a great opportunity to own one:)

  87. Bruno says:

    I dig the unconventional look!

  88. Arnold says:

    This watch would look awesome on my wrist while I give my toddler a bubble bath!

  89. Luis says:

    Cool watch!

  90. esdy_11192 says:

    Smart looking diver watch. Fresh design.

  91. Akajouman says:

    This watch looks weird. Weird and beautiful. Like my wirst in fact!

    This watch is for me. 🙂 As my first quartz watch. And my first quartz diver.

  92. Mike Cicc says:

    Cool Watch! Would love to win it!

  93. Eric says:

    super watch which would be super handy during my scuba dives!

  94. Tom says:

    Gimme gimme gimme !!!

  95. Kirk says:

    Fingers crossed

  96. Kevin says:

    Hope I win!

  97. joe says:

    Yes please

  98. Chad Brown says:

    Great looking watch! *Fingers crossed*

  99. Yegor says:

    Nice watch and review!

  100. Drew Wilson says:

    Cool watch. Love that bracelet, too!

  101. Andy B says:

    Very nice watch, would look great on my wrist! 😉

  102. Another great giveaway. You guys are amazing, thanks for all you do!!!!

  103. R.F. says:

    Wow, that’s a tough looking diver. Great review guys!

  104. I’ll take it for sure!

  105. Paul Brady says:

    Beautiful watch.

    I’d love one. I might even buy it, if I don’t.

    Good luck everyone.


  106. Chrstopher says:

    great looking watch, count me in

  107. Eddie Dryer says:

    I could use this watch

  108. coolieWorn says:

    Good luck to everyone.

  109. Apilphat.S says:

    Great watch and very nice review
    thanks for sharing this.

  110. arb says:

    Would be a departure in style for me; not that that’s a bad thing…

  111. Smith says:

    Lovely watch!

  112. Alexander says:

    Beautiful watch, great site! Thank you for your work! Greetings from Belarus =))

  113. Michael D. says:

    Very cool watch, thanks for the review.

  114. Gonzalo says:

    I love the rugged-and-simple yet stylish kind of watch, such as this one! I want it!

  115. Alan says:

    maybe it’s finally my time to win?

  116. Very nice looking diver. Will come in handy for my next sea-side vacation.

  117. Matt says:

    Would LOVE to win this watch. I had been eyeing it in the past. Love the website here as well. Thanks.

  118. AL says:

    would love to win – like the “odd” placement of the crown, very unique.

  119. Second time lucky?

  120. Kenny says:

    Really really really, really like the rugged beastly look of the Hexa!

  121. 100styles says:

    Yes Please.

  122. Drew says:

    These W&W giveaways are awesome!

  123. Daniel S says:

    Great review as always and good luck to everyone!

  124. Awesome unique case design! Finishing looks great!

  125. Bryan says:

    Very sharp watch, love the grey face and 10:30 crown placement.

  126. Kyle says:

    Cool watch, very nice giveaway!

  127. I love watches

  128. I’d love a tool diver like the hexa!

  129. lionel says:

    Yesss. Great looking watch. Thank you

  130. Matt says:

    Real good looking

  131. Dan says:

    Thanks for introducing another nice watch that would have taken a long time to find on my own. Great stuff!

  132. Dalton says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful reviews, would love to add this to my collection!

  133. Tyler says:

    Unique watch. I hope I win.

  134. Zundfolge says:

    Fantastic looking watch! The grey will match my hair.

  135. Bob Boardman says:

    I like the grey dial.

  136. Josh says:

    I love it! Count me in for this ace giveaway. Thanks!

  137. Keith1911 says:

    Cool looking watch

  138. Chris says:

    Great Looking watch.

  139. Tyler says:

    Great looking watch

  140. Charlie says:

    Would be great as a tool watch for the collection, and in time for my birthday!

  141. Marcos says:

    great watch!

  142. jeff says:

    Good review… i hardly noticed the crown placement until it was mentioned… well maybe not. certainly makes the watch stand out and unique… seems destied for a nato strap.

  143. Dave says:

    Cool watch! Would love to win it!

  144. Mickey says:

    Hopefully you pick me!

  145. CyBuzz says:

    I saw the review and was in love with the watch. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  146. Chris says:

    Pretty, pretty please.

  147. Nathan says:

    Beautiful watch! Here’s hoping

  148. save says:

    Bueno watch!

  149. Jeremy says:

    Really cool looking watch. Like the idea of having a nice rugged grab and go watch, especially one like this.

    Also, thanks for the great site.

  150. Josh says:

    That’s a beast.

  151. Zach says:

    In the running!!

  152. James says:

    Wow! I’ve wanted a Hexa since they released their first watch. Would love this one! Thanks for being awesome guys. Fingers crossed.

  153. Brandon says:

    Love the angles and lines on this watch plus the unique placement of the crown. The rubber straps look amazing with the finish of the watch. Would love to add this to my collection!


  154. Hub MD says:

    Stunning piece of horology!

  155. DonovanT says:

    I am digging the simplicity of the dial.

  156. Hi All, what a wonderfully different but practical watch! Hope to able to wear it with pride! Thank you again W&W.
    Best and good luck to all participants,

    email: [email protected]

  157. What an awesome watch! It would make a great addition to my collection. Thank you for another great Giveaway!

  158. VWM says:


  159. Evan says:

    Me. Me. Pick me!

  160. George says:

    Love this watch

  161. Reizan says:

    It’s about time…..

  162. Yegor says:

    “hex” was my nickname at LAN parties/ Thanks for giveaways

  163. Brian says:

    Yet another great giveaway, loving that blasted finish. This would be a pretty sweet birthday win as my birthday is the 29th!

  164. Paul says:

    I really want to win this! Struggling for a nice diver! It’d look sexy with a nice graphite horween nato thats for sure.

  165. Brian says:

    Really great tool diver. So happy they released in quartz. Been following them for awhile on WUS.

  166. chris says:

    unique case design and highly legible dial….cool diver

  167. Laura says:

    very nice watch, clear and also strong design. would love to have it!

  168. Norman4Law says:

    I like the combination of the grey dial with the grey rubber strap.

  169. That is one hefty looking diver.

  170. Kiel says:

    I have a friend who would love this watch.

  171. David says:

    very nice…fingers crossed!

  172. Mark says:

    I love the industrial feel they pull off on a designthat is already a tool watch.

  173. Josh says:

    Sure, why not? It’s a nice looking tool watch. Probably way to big for me, though.

  174. Bob says:

    Count me in – love the watch!

  175. Lamplighter says:

    Definitely a standout case design. Nice to see something different out there. Keep up the good work, w&w team.

  176. Adam says:

    Great looking watch.

  177. Mike K says:

    Positivity and love from the universe for this watch. Praise Odin.

  178. Joe N says:

    great watch

  179. nicholas says:

    I need more watches, thanks

  180. Tom Canedy says:

    Looks like a great watch. Would love to own it.

  181. Jack Craig says:

    Thats a heavy duty mofo of a watch! i’d love a chance to try it out, so thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  182. Eric says:

    Such a unique watch. Love the look. Awesome website.

  183. Stephen says:

    Not a huge fan of quartz watches, but my opinion of them improves when they’re free!

  184. howie says:

    Chunky diver! Love it

  185. Patrick J says:

    Great Giveaway!

  186. ucsfgabe says:

    Awesome gesture! Good luck to all!

  187. Gorgeous timepiece. Great review as always! Really cool about the giveaway!

  188. Yaier says:

    Sick Watch

  189. Joe Carlucci says:

    Great looking watch!

  190. Mike P. says:

    Very cool design!

  191. Francesco says:

    Thanks for the opportunity

  192. Teo Wei Hern says:

    Being a student with little purchasing power, I really hope to win this watch 😉

  193. Adam L says:

    Love the oblique orientation of the crown and the military-esk styling.

  194. Nat Wagstaff says:

    What an awesome watch. I would love to win this!

  195. nikola says:

    Finally nice masculine quartz beater, it would BE great to have it.

  196. Incredible looking watch!

  197. Brad says:

    I’m not usually a fan of divers but that’s amazing!

  198. Jonas says:

    Nice looking watch. Great that it comes in quartz as well

  199. Johny says:

    Woah, awesome! Love the 10/11 O’clock stem. Good luck to everyone, and thanks W&W for the giveaway!

  200. This watch looks fantastic! Love the crown placement.

  201. Momo says:

    That watch is pretty sweet looking, I wouldn’t mind winning it! Thanks!

  202. Andrew says:

    What a sweet design! I love the gear bezel. Thanks for the opportunity!

  203. Nick says:

    Would love to use this diving in the Maldives.

  204. Andrew Hall says:

    Great looking watch!

  205. Don says:

    Great review and awesome giveaway!

  206. Brian Young says:

    very cool give away! you guys are doing cool stuff!

  207. Casey Knight says:

    This watch is a beast! Another fantastic review and another chance to win a watch. Thanks guys!

  208. Yoann says:

    I love that website and I love these giveaways, always wonderful watches!

  209. Awesome give away, and awesome site! I’ll be checking me inbox often to see when I can expect my prize……….

  210. Robby says:

    Very aggressive and manly watch. The grey and white version is quite appealing.

  211. Matt says:

    Thanks for the give away! I’d love to get my hands on one, but what are the chances that I win something?

  212. Looks like a nice watch. Love the bezel.

  213. Klint says:

    Beautiful watch, love the hefty crown and the placement. The finish makes it look decades old, something found in your grandfather’s effects…!

  214. Ryan says:

    What a great looking watch. I love how industrial it looks, similar to some of the Soviet Union’s military aesthetics.

  215. kvkskumar says:

    I love the simple look of the watch

  216. jay says:

    another great giveaway!!

  217. PHE says:

    That’s an interesting looking watch.

  218. simon p says:


  219. Ian Parris says:

    I love the blasted case and the clean dial. Great contest!

  220. Jack Ellis says:

    What an awesome watch. Certainly a watch I would love to own

  221. Ron McKelvie says:

    Nice looking watch , thanks for the contest !!

  222. Jose M says:

    Count me in baby!

  223. Jeff Schmidt says:

    That’s a beauty of a watch

  224. Robert says:

    Nice looking watch!

  225. Mike says:

    I’d rock this bad boy!

  226. Louis says:

    That is one fine watch

  227. Ryan Moore says:

    A friend of mine told me about this site; nicely done. Beautiful watch.

  228. Randy says:

    the matte finish looks awesome.

  229. Adam says:

    Great new watch! Would love to win it!!

  230. AndrewT says:

    Great watch with a unique look! Would look great on my wrist!

  231. Ari says:

    Looks great!

  232. Very nice looking watch, you are doing great job here!

  233. Hunter says:

    Saw this on your Instagram, would love to have this watch!

  234. Brian says:

    Great watch, I’d love to win that one!

  235. GR says:

    One of the most balanced divers in recent memory. Smaller markings are a welcome relief. Would wear proudly.

  236. Chris says:

    beautiful. great review as always

  237. Nat says:

    Great looking watch!

  238. Chris says:

    A nice watch it is.

  239. Joshua J says:

    Great unique looking watch I’d love to have.
    Here’s my name in the hat!

  240. James Anders says:

    What a beautiful watch! Would love to wear a watch like this! Thanks Worn and Wound for the great chance!

  241. Joan Veliz says:

    Nice watch!!! it would go awesome with one of worn and wound’s straps.

  242. mark M says:

    Just the watch I’ve been looking for!

  243. Ctak says:

    Great review as always. Good looking watch, like the crown position.

  244. Tim Finnan says:

    This would make a great replacement for my Eco-Zilla. Great review (as always), and…pick me!

  245. Torben says:

    Great review – very cool watch!

  246. Matt R. says:

    Awesome, love it!

  247. Roy says:

    Love this piece, would love the opportunity to own one! Thanks!

  248. DirtyHarry says:

    I hope I win!

  249. CoolGuy says:

    Nice watch

  250. Harti says:

    Good luck to all

  251. Tom says:

    Hexa is dope!

  252. Rahul S says:

    Looks awesome!

  253. Brian says:

    Nice watch! I dig it!

  254. simon says:

    Great looking watch !

  255. Alex says:

    Great looking diver watch!

  256. Adam M says:

    Awesome watch. I have had my eye on it for quite some time now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  257. Michiel says:

    Very nice! Great giveaway guys!

  258. Ian Williams says:

    If Popeye wore a watch it would be this one!!! A great-looking thing.

  259. Daniel_C says:

    Wow! I’m loving the square motif! Awesome lookin piece!

  260. Andreas says:

    I never owned a diver and think this would be a great entry opportunity!

  261. Brendan says:

    Would love to add this to my small collection.

  262. Another giveaway!? What a treat. And not an Orient this time 😉

  263. Matt says:

    Great looking watch! That grey really makes it pop. Good job Hexa!

  264. Jamie says:

    Another great review!

  265. Brad Tinsley says:

    Sweet looking watch. Just different enough.

  266. Sean says:

    I love this watch! My style

  267. Awesome giveaway, i have been waiting to buy a Hexa watch for a while but had other financial obligations to take care of before spending $400 on a watch. Would love to win this piece. W&W always coming through with the best giveaways.

  268. Ralexn says:

    Not a bad looking quartz and a great review would look great on my wrist

  269. Will says:

    In for freebies 🙂

  270. Ryan says:

    entered to win….

  271. Alex says:

    Love this watch! really want a diver on a rubber strap.

  272. John says:

    Nice watch!

  273. Graham3 says:

    I’m slowly working my through buying all of the watches in th W&W reviews, it would be great to get one gratis!


  274. Jose G says:

    Heres to hoping!

  275. Paul L says:

    Tick Tock.

  276. Gianluca M says:

    I like the unique crown placement. It looks like it can survive anything.

  277. bill s says:

    I’m in!

  278. David L says:

    In for giveaway!

  279. Ante M says:

    I would love to have this one in my collection. Awesome giveaway

  280. Adam Gallant says:

    Awesome watch, thanks for another fine giveaway!

  281. Jeff R says:

    Slick, I’d love one.

  282. Justin says:

    I always like a watch that looks like it could do some damage. Really neat watch.

  283. Kris B says:

    Love the looks of the hexas. Been eyeing the k500 for a while, but love the gray look of the Q. Pick me, pick me!!!!

  284. Hunter says:

    Love the look — thanks for the chance guys!

  285. KP says:

    Have to win one of these giveaways eventually… 😉

  286. Gisae says:

    Awesome watch!~ Rugged ’70’s look. Makes me think about the beautiful LA.B MA3

  287. Erik says:

    These are really cool and original looking. The crown placement is genius! I want!

  288. Stuart says:

    fantastic watch, fantastic give-away – yes please!!

  289. Brian says:

    Love the watch, and honestly, I think the crown placement is great!

  290. Eric Henao says:

    Another great watch, review and GIVE AWAY! Thank you for having one of the better sites for watches out there. Watches for the everyman I say!

  291. DW says:

    Would love to give this watch a try, thanks for the give away opportunity!

  292. Isaac says:

    Watch looks great. I especially love the chunky case design!

  293. Fumiko says:

    Great watch! Clear, sharp shapes, therefore shaplier than visual similar watches like Sinn U1, Dievas Vortex, Kobold…

  294. Brian R says:

    Great watch! Would love to have Hexa at tentenwatchclub.com!

  295. Fantastic looking watch, especially love the colour of that dial!

  296. Trevor says:

    What a studly watch.

  297. Ian says:

    Killer watch and great review as always.

  298. woodt3 says:

    Nice looking watch. Lume shots please!

  299. Danny Ren says:

    Lovin’ it!