Holiday Product Highlight: For the Refined Enthusiast

In part 2 of our Holiday Product Highlight we’re going to be tackling the refined enthusiast. Someone older, more established, worldly and with refined taste… and likely someone who is a bit a tricky to find gifts for.

Stowa x Worn & Wound Antea LE

The Stowa Antea is a watch nerd’s watch to begin with, and our LE collaboration version takes that one step further. Digging into the history of the Antea, we brought back the outlined dial and sub-dial of the model from the 30’s, then played with the colors to create something unique and a bit more casual. 35.5mm, hand wound, limited to 100 pieces and featuring an American-made leather strap, the Antea LE will bring a smile to any watch enthusiast’s face.

General Knot Tie

When picking a tie out as a gift, sure, one could go to a department store and get one of those stripey silk things, but with a little digging, something far more interesting can be found. General Knot has a knack at finding amazing fabrics for use in their American-made ties. This polka dot tie is just one example, mixing the classic order of the white dots, with subtle chaos from the random color dots.

High Craft Vintage Watch Straps

The High Craft Vintage Watch Straps feature a 4mm taper and clean row stitch, making them our most sophisticated strap design. The heavy contour makes them lighter on the wrist, and look more appropriate with smaller and vintage watches. All are hand-made in NYC using the finest leathers from Horween and Wickett & Craig tanneries.

Apolis Indigo Wool Chore Coat

A good jacket isn’t just functional, it lasts and ages well. That was the idea behind Apolis’ Indigo Wool Chore Coat. It’s a great style that can go from a day doing work in the yard, to over a shirt an tie for something more formal. What makes this one unique is that the indigo will fade over time, taken on denim-like patina, creating something truly unique. It’s just the right kind of sophisticated outerwear for someone with discerning taste.

Harris Tweed Two-Watch Folds

The Two-Watch fold was designed to be a great travel companion for those who carry an extra watch or two on the go, without taking up much space. Currently, we have two versions featuring genuine Scottish Harris Tweed, a hard wearing and aesthetically stunning material, paired with Horween leather. The mix of dark, sumptuous materials make them a perfect accessory to well-traveled luggage.

Oak Street Snuff Suede Wingtips

These shoes a perfect hybrid of casual and formal, mixing the ornate detailing of a wingtip, with the effortless style of snuff suede. These will likely darken and crease in interesting ways, gaining a great patina that would look awesome with the Chore coat above. And, since they are from Oak Street of Chicago, the are also properly overbuilt, featuring storm welts and full calf lining.

Monk Made Minimalist Bifold

We teamed up with Monk Made’s Jason Boone for a simple reason, his handmade wallets were by far the most expertly crafted we had ever seen. Hand cut, hand burnished, hand saddle stitched… every square inch just exudes quality. The Minimalist Bifold we collaborated on features gorgeous Shell Cordovan on the exterior and natural veg-tanned leather on the interior. For the guy or gal who prefers a smaller wallet that will fit in their jacket pocket or the front pocket of their pants, and can appreciate fine craftsmanship, it doesn’t get better than this.

Dehen 1920 Cardigan

If wool could be bullet-proof, this would be the toughest armor on earth. Made in Portland, Oregon by Dehen mills on machines that have been working since the 40’s, this heavy-weight wool cardigan is unlike any other cardigan you’ve ever seen. It’s the kind of article you just live in, and will likely last a lifetime.

Shell Cordovan Watch Straps

Shell Cordovan has been joking referred to as “the champagne of leathers” many times… but you know what? It’s not a bad description. Shell is an equine leather that is actually a piece of muscle that is over the hip of the animal. There is only about 6 square feet per animal, making it scarce, and it has exceptional qualities. Not only does it have a gorgeous luster and nearly no stretch, it can’t crease, making straps, shoes, whatever, look amazing for a long time. In our Model 2 and Single Pass designs, it adds an elevated touch to even casual watches.

Westland Sherry Wood Single Malt

You can’t go wrong with a good bottle of whiskey as a gift, but it’s easy to end up buying something kind of common, or generic, even if still fantastic. Westland is an American single malt, that like Macallan, has been aged is sherry casques. It’s highly rated and a bit off the beaten path, so perhaps it can even surprise the casual whiskey connoisseur.

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