Initial Impressions: Regattare 2011


“Stay minimal, be bold.” So say the design principles of the New Zealand watch company Magrette.  The company’s founder, Dion Wynyard McAsey, was nice enough to forward worn&wound a Regattare 2011 for review, and from my brief time with the watch, I can certainly see how this design ethos has been injected into the piece.

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The look of the Regattare 2011 is very much driven by the fact that its a super compressor, and at the heart of the watch is a sturdy Miyota 8215 automatic movement with date function.  It has a clean round face, buttressed by a chunky, rounded square case, which provides for a distinctly traditional look.  Adding a touch of symmetry to the 44mm cushion style case is are the two crowns located on the right of the body.  Fortunately, while these crowns add to the balanced look of the watch, they avoid taking away from its wearability by maintaining a low profile.  The Regattare is also a beefy 14mm tall, though all this girth adds up to an impressive 500 meter water resistance.  Not bad for a watch that sells for under $550.

The design touches added to the exterior of the Regattare 2011 are what really give it a distinctive look.  On the face, you’ll find a clean black background with popping yellow numeric indices, and on the rotating internal bezel, two new colors are introduced with white and red minute markers.  The minute and hour hands are matte with C3 luminescent filling, while the second hand is a polished stainless steel, giving it a sheen as it sweeps across the watch’s face.  Surrounding the face of the Regattare 2011 is a very simple, brushed stainless steel bezel with no markings.  Aesthetically, a prefect break from the more involved details of the face.

The Regattare 2011 comes in a very attractive and simple wooden box with the Magreatte logo burned into the cover.  Inside the box, you’ll find a watch roll holding the Regattare and several straps.  Thus far, wearing the Regattare 2011 has been a pleasure.  I really enjoy the looks of the watch, and have mostly worn it with the rubber strap, which is very comfortable.  This is saying a lot because I’m really not a huge fan of rubber straps, and usually find them a bit uncomfortable.  The leather strap that accompanies the Regattare is also quite nice, though the red interior is a bit too bright for my daily use.  The feel of the leather is very nice however.  It is quite soft and pliable, without feeling cheap at all, making it one of the more comfortable I’ve worn.

So far so good with the Regattare 2011 and I’m looking forward to presenting amore in depth review (with video) in two weeks.   Be sure to check back then.  In the meantime, if there is anything you’d like me to discuss in the review, or any details of the watch you’d like us to highlight in our photos, please let us know.  As usual, thanks for reading!

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