Introducing the Avant, Gallant, and Visionary Collections from Zelos Watches

Zelos has made a splash on Kickstarter successfully funding numerous watch projects, among them the Helmsman, Chroma, Abyss and Cosmos. All have been delivered to satisfied customers around the world, cementing Zelos’ solid track record among watch aficionados. Zelos is back once again on the crowdfunding scene with their latest release that is, as of this writing, already well past the brand’s funding goals. The watches in this campaign are loosely based on the same overall design and fall into three models: The Visionary, The Gallant and The Avant.

Zelos Visionary Avant Gallant - 17
The Visionary

The Visionary features a dial made of meteorite, a material Zelos has used before. Using meteorite for the dial means no two will look exactly alike. The Gallant runs with a similar aesthetic, sans the exotic material choice. Here we have solid colors instead, available in white and what looks like charcoal gray.



Finally, the Avant is, as the name implies, the most different of these new releases. Some traits carry over, among them the inner bezel, hands and hour markers, but beyond that it has a different look from the other two. The dial features a number of layers, details and textures that are not easy to put into words, but the look is not all too dissimilar from what we see from brands like SEVENFRIDAY and Klynt (which we reviewed yesterday). It looks almost futuristic, and it’s slightly skeletonized to offer a peek into the movement underneath. The Avant is available primarily in one color with either rose gold or stainless steel accents.

Zelos Visionary Avant Gallant - 11
The Avant

The three models share specs across the case. It measures 40mm in diameter, 11mm thick with 20mm lugs. The severely downturned lugs feature sharp edges and hard lines; this usually tempers the lug-to-lug distance, which means the watch will likely wear a bit smaller than 40mm. Overall, it’s a fairly simple case–especially given some of Zelos’ previous models–but it fits the chosen dial designs well.

Zelos Visionary Avant Gallant - 8
There are two cases available across all three models: one in 316L stainless steel and the other CuSn8 bronze.

Zelos is offering an attractive Swiss-made package here, and the new offerings will feature either an ETA 2824 or a Selitta SW200. According to Zelos, the maker will depend on the availability of the supply at the time of production.


Pricing for the collection starts at $299 and $349 (depending on the variant) for the Gallant series, $349 for the Avant series and $459 for the Visionary series. These prices are all about $300 to $350 off the expected retail.

Zelos continues to stand out in the crowdfunding watch game, working with interesting materials (Damascus steel, meteorite, bronze and brass) and promoting designs that, while likely not everyone’s cup of tea, at least try to be more than just the cookie-cutter Kickstarter watch that we are all too familiar with. Did Zelos hit the mark with this one? Enough people seem to think so–the project was fully funded within 30 minutes of it going live.Zelos Visionary Avant Gallant - 10The current campaign will end on March 31st, 2017 at 5:00 PM (Pacific Daylight Time). Expected delivery for the watches is September, 2017. You can get the full rundown on The Avant, The Gallant and The Visionary on Kickstarter.


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