Introducing Black, Rye and Mojave American-made Model 2 Premium Straps

The Model 2 Premium straps are our go-to, everyday straps. A step up in finishing from our Classic line, the Premiums feature vegetable tanned lining leather, elegantly painted edges, hand-tied waxed cotton cord knots and luxurious top leathers from some of the finest tanneries in the world. American-made, they rival straps twice their price, looking as amazing on a 50 year old vintage watch as a modern tool watch.

Today, we’re excited to announce three new additions to the Model 2 Premium line: Black, Rye and Mojave, all of which are available now from

You can’t go wrong with a black leather strap. Our new Black Model 2 Premium is jet black, with black Horween leather for the top surface, black edge paint and cord and black lining, and a particularly luxe feel. The top leather is a new one for us, with a medium sheen giving is a subtle luster and plush texture.


Stealthy black

If there was one color in the Worn & Wound roster that we’d call iconic, it’s Rye, and we’ve finally made it available in our Model 2 Premium line. The rich, golden Rye leather is off-set by brown edges and cord, and supported by softened wheat lining leather, giving the whole strap a warm palette. We’ve yet to find a watch that doesn’t look amazing on Rye.

Rich Rye

Lastly, we have our most wild and perhaps daring strap to date, Mojave. Utilizing a leather from CF Stead, a British tannery, the Mojave strap has a rough-out suede texture with a bright golden sand color, veins of dark brown running through it at random, and areas of pale gray showing through. The look is reminiscent of dried, cracked earth, hence the name, yet the feel of the strap is truly supple. Because of the dynamic nature of this leather, no two straps look a like and might vary from the pictures above.

Wild Mojave

And there you have it, three new straps to add to your collection. All are available now in 18, 20 and 22mm for $89 at

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