Introducing Harris Tweed Watch Rolls and 2 Watch Folds


In the last 2 years, the worn&wound Watch Roll and and 2 Watch Fold have become staples of the watch collecting community; something we are extremely proud of. We spent a lot of time designing and developing both of them, making sure they were robust, well made and attractive accessories at affordable price points. To this day, they are the only cases that are fully lined with ultrasuede, utilize Horween leather as well as are made in the US.


We’re very excited now to announce our newest versions made using world famous Harris Tweed. Produced exclusively in the northern Isles of Scotland, Harris Tweed is 100% wool, hand-spun and hand-woven by craftsman using traditional techniques dating back hundreds of years. The lengthy process includes everything form the shearing of specific breeds of sheep, to dyeing, to spinning to hand weaving on traditional looms and hand finishing. It is widely considered the best tweed available today and is used by top brands worldwide.


Why did we choose it? Well, for several reasons. First off is that it’s tweed, which is a rough woolen fabric that has customarily been used in outer and sport wear. It’s tough stuff that can withstand harsh climates and has some natural moisture-resistance. Second, is that it’s striking, with great texture and color that works perfectly with the aesthetic of our Rolls and Folds. Lastly, is that, like the Horween leather accompanying it, it’s amongst the highest quality material available. It’s important to us that we work with only the best, to bring you products you can enjoy for a very long time.


Tweed often is associated with patterns like herringbone, but we went with a more raw, heathered version in a beautiful ash grey. The color is actually comprised of a mottling of medium and dark grays with the occasional fleck of white and black. Up close, it is ever shifting and changing, with no two square inches being the same. From a distance, the colors pull together, but create a more textured and dynamic material. We paired it with Horween’s Cognac Essex leather, which has a rich, almost amber tone that will age and patina perfectly. They compliment each other very well, creating a palette that will look at home with your wardrobe and luggage.


The new Harris Tweed Watch Rolls and 2 Watch Folds will be available as of today in limited editions of 50 per style at $199 and $99 respectively. American Made.

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