Introducing the Klokers KLOK-08

Klokers’ latest is the KLOK-08, a stylish evolution of the brand’s signature aesthetic first introduced in the KLOK-01 in 2015. Inspired by a slide rule, the KLOK-08, like its predecessors, offers a unique take on displaying the time via rotating discs.Unlike the KLOK-01, which has three discs, the KLOK-08 scales it down to just two. The outermost disc shows the hours and minutes and the inner disc shows the seconds. Both discs rotate counter-clockwise, and a vertical line running the length of the magnifier on the crystal (from the center up to 12) assists in reading the time.

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Bringing the number of discs down to just two allowed Klokers’ design team to also bring the case diameter down to 39mm from the 44mm of the KLOK-01. The thickness of the original is also addressed, scaling it down from 11.5mm to 10mm. Despite the larger dimensions of the original, a lugless 44mm wears a ways smaller than that number might suggest, though the all-dial design does have quite a bit of presence. That said, a 39mm offering is most certainly welcome for those who may want to temper that presence on the wrist.

The series will offer three distinct colors: white and pink gold, black and beige, and warm grey and orange.

Powering the watch is a Ronda Swiss quartz movement.

One of the many things that makes Klokers a unique brand is its patented strap system, which the brand calls the “Klokers Key.” Essentially, it’s a proprietary mechanism for mounting straps located on the back of the case. But with Klokers, it’s not just straps. The brand has developed an extensive ecosystem of accessories that turn the watch heads into wristwatches, pocket watches, desk clocks, etc. This obviously forces you to buy straps from Klokers, but the brand has grown quite a varied catalog to cater to different tastes.





The Klokers KLOK-08 will be offered on Kickstarter, with a campaign set to launch on October 31st. Sign up here for updates on the upcoming campaign and to reserve a KLOK-08 for €149, reduced from the campaign price of €379.

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