Introducing the Limited Edition Brian Redman DLC Prototipo Chronograph from Autodromo

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In 2015, Autodromo released the limited edition Autodromo Prototipo Brian Redman, a watch celebrating Redman’s historic victory at the 1969 Nürburgring race and the car that got him his win. That watch was built on Autodromo’s Prototipo platform and followed the footsteps of an earlier limited edition dedicated to Prototype-era racing legend Vic Elford. That first limited release Brian Redman edition was made available in two case finishes: classic stainless steel and gold-plated.

For 2017, Autodromo is bringing the Brian Redman back in the form of Brian Redman DLC, a small run of watches featuring, as the name implies, a black DLC-coated case.

Introducing the Limited Edition Brian Redman DLC Prototipo Chronograph.

We first reviewed the Autodromo Prototipo collection back in 2014, and we’ve kept up with the line in the years since. You can find that written review here or you can watch the accompanying video review below.

As we noted in past coverage, the Prototipo–in all of its iterations–exudes ’70s cool, and the Redman edition especially so. It boasts a beautiful racing-inspired dial, something readily evident in the main index. The colors on the dial relate back to Redman’s race-winning Porsche 908, pulling on the red and green paint scheme of that car and expertly applying it to dial and hands. From Autodromo’s site:

At the Nurburgring in 1969, Siffert had crashed the new Porsche 908 Flunder in practice, meaning that Redman and Siffert would run the race in a spare car entered by Porsche Salzburg.  Emblazoned with the Red and White colors of Austria, the Porsche 908/02 was not the latest equipment, but Brian was still able to outrun Pedro Rodriguez in the Ferrari to clinch a victory against the odds. The Brian Redman Prototipo bears the same Red and White paint scheme as the Porsche Salzburg car, with a green centerstop hand referencing the bright green accents on the race car that helped to differentiate it from a distance.  








Unlike previous iterations where the case featured a mix of surface finishes, the case of this edition is bead blasted before it’s coated, giving the whole thing a cool, matte look. Otherwise, the cushion case remains the same mix of flowing  lines and curves that recall vintage Heuers.

The watch is powered by Seiko’s VK63 Meca-Quartz chronograph movement, which offers the accuracy of a quartz watch coupled with the functionality of a mechanical chronograph. The proof’s in the magnificent sweep and reset of the chronograph seconds hand.

The Brian Redman DLC Prototipo Chronograph is a limited edition of just 50 units, and it’s currently available from Autodromo for the price of $775. Each watch will come with a special edition collector’s box and a Brian Redman hand-signed booklet. Autodromo


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