Introducing Oceano and Emerald Model 2 Shell Cordovan Straps by worn&wound

Another week, another worn&wound shop announcement! Today, we’re really excited to introduce two new and amazing colors to our collection of Model 2 Shell Cordovan straps: Oceano and Emerald. For those unfamiliar with shell cordovan, here’s a quick primer: shell cordovan is considered to be one of the finest exotic leathers in the world. It’s an equine leather (horse) not bovine, and actually is a subcutaneous layer under the skin, just over the hip. It’s a very small area, with each hide only being a few square feet, vs the near 50 sqft of a normal bovine hide. What makes it so great is that it’s simultaneously tough, having nearly no stretch even when thin, but elegant, having a gorgeous waxy sheen. As shell breaks in, it gains an unmatched supple texture. Shell Cordovan is very rare too, with only a few tanneries world-wide making it. Ours is sourced from Comipel in Italy and is 100% vegetable tanned.


Blue straps add a lot of personality to your wrist, and are a great accent to your outfit. Oceano is one of the most gorgeous blues we’ve ever seen on a leather. It’s a bright Mediterranean blue with a hint of green. It’s a soothing color that beautifully accents watches with warm colors and other blues, really making them pop. We finish the Oceano with teal, braided waxed cotton cord.



Green is one of our favorite strap colors, being a nice, but subtle alternative to brown. Emerald is a rich, dark green that exudes luxury. The smooth green leans toward the yellow side, giving it a natural, grassy quality. This naturally pairs with anything military, but also does a great job bringing out aged lume. The Emerald is accented with a pale green braided waxed cotton cord.

Both Oceano and Emerald are available now in 18, 20 and 22mm for $89. Grab one today at

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