Introducing Olive Strap-Changing Multi-Tools

Last September, we launched our Strap-Changing Multi-Tool. The first tool of its kind, and an original concept by worn&wound, it featured a discreet design with caps on both end for travel, reversible bits, each with either a poker or fork and a flat head screw-driver and the unique ability to split in half and become two tools. The latter allows you to have two screwdrivers for double-sided screw bars, or just have two tools at the ready for ease. Manufactured out of aluminum and knurled for grip, the Strap-Changing Multi-Tool was an instant hit, and has quickly gained a reputation as one of the best tools on the market.

Today, we’re excited to announce another unique twist to the Strap-Changing Multi-Tool, olive anodization. Since its inception, we’ve wanted to make the tool available in different and interesting colors. Olive is one of our favorite leather colors, and we thought it would make for an interesting an unexpected color for our tool. The bronzy green we achieved is nothing short of gorgeous, with a warm glow and a satin sheen. We imagine as this travels with you in your Watch Roll, bag or just hangs out in your desk, it will gain a fantastic patina.


The Olive Strap-Changing Multi-Tool is available now at for $30

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