Introducing the Strap-Changing Multi-Tool by worn&wound

Here at worn&wound, we’re never quite satisfied. We see things and do things and think…hmmm, how can we make that better? Heck, that’s probably why we started this business in the first place… So we’re constantly designing and developing new products as well as refining our existing ones. We also strive to make all of our products unique, setting them apart from the industry.

Today, we’re excited to announce our newest invention, the Strap-Changing Multi-Tool. We took our very popular capped strap-changing tool and redesigned it to add more functionality, without making it larger or bulkier. We also added a unique w&w twist. We went through many iterations and prototypes of this design, refining everything from the cap length to the tip steel, to how it all comes together. We also reached out to some watchmaker friends of ours in the industry, who consulted on our ideas and helped us refine the final product. We’re now happy to say it might just be the best strap-changing tool we’ve tried.

The tool consists of two capped ends, making it safe to throw in your bag, a knurled body for easy grip and two reversible bits. On each bit you have one standard strap changing tip for spring bars, a poker or a fork, as well as a small flathead screwdriver. Use the poker for drilled lugs, the fork for standard lugs, and screwdrivers for lug bars, bezels, bracelet links, or where ever they might appear.


The bits fit in the tool body securely, each featuring a hexagonal shape to prevent rotation and a rubber o-ring to pop them in place. To switch a bit, simply grasp the ridge that is located towards the tip, pull it out, flip it around and push it back in. They fit in place with a reassuring pop.

Our reversible bits feature a hex-shaped shaft and a rubber o-ring for a secure fit

Combining a poker, fork and screwdrivers into one compact tool already sets our strap-changing multi-tool ahead of others, but the real invention lies in the body of the tool. On some occasions, having two screwdrivers is necessary for removing a lug bar, so our multi-tool splits in half, transforming into two tools, one for bracing, the other for turning. Furthermore, sometimes having two tools is simply better than having one, allowing you to quickly change between tips. This is the first strap changing tool to do this, and we’re proud to say we designed and developed it ourselves.

Use one side to brace, the other to turn.

On top of functionality, we also made the Strap-Changing Multi-Tool very stylish. It’s made of satin black hard-anodized aluminum, and despite being packed with features, is a simple, discreet cylinder. It fits well in the hand, with the subtle knurling texture adding grip. It also fits perfectly into one of our watch roll tool pockets, making it easy to carry when traveling or store safely at home.

Fits perfectly in one of our Watch Rolls

Every watch owner needs a strap changing tool and our new Strap-Changing Multi-Tool was designed to cover all of your strap changing needs. Available now for $30 at

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