Introducing the OTHR Perpetuum Calendar

Formed in 2006, Studio Yonoh is a two-person team out of Valencia, Spain focused on minimalist design with, as the firm puts it, a little “Mediterranean daring” in the mix. In the eleven years since founding Yonoh, the duo–which consists of Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma–has worked on assignments ranging from public works projects to beautiful interior design. For 2017, they partnered with OTHR–a New York-based homeware brand known for collaborating with designers on minimalist 3-D wares–to create the Perpetuum Calendar. (FYI: Evan Clabots, co-founder of the OTHR, also designed the Slip Watch, which we wrote about in the early days of worn&wound.)

Yonoh OTHR Perpetuum Calendar 2As a lover of mechanical watches, it’s easy to appreciate a bit of tactile design that requires user interface to function. That’s exactly what the Perpetuum Calendar is, and the concept behind the design is actually quite straightforward. The 3D-printed nylon base forms three ridges and two grooves. On the two front ridges, you have the etched date and month, respectively. Inside the first groove is a metallic marker (14K gold plated) for indicating the day, and inside the second groove is a marker for indicating the month (ditto on the gold). It’s up to the user to adjust the markers each day.

Yonoh OTHR Perpetuum Calendar 3
The Perpetuum Calendar is compact at 7.75”W x 0.5”H x 1.5”D

The Perpetuum Calendar comes in two versions: grey and gold, and black and gold. Each unit is made to order and numbered, and lead times are two to three weeks.

The Perpetuum Calendar sells for $510. For more information, visit OTHR.

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