Introducing our new Key Chain Tool and Selvage Denim Watch Roll


Last week we officially launched our new Single Pass straps, and today we’re back to announce two new projects we’re really excited for. First up is a new addition to our selection of tools, the Key Chain Spring Bar tool. This original design came out of a conversation with our friends at Crown & Buckle, who are also stocking this great tool. Basically, we all felt that for those of us who change straps on a daily basis, having a tool you can keep with you at all times would be great to have. So, we set out to design just that; a slim, sleek tool that can fit in your pocket, bag or wherever, and attach to your key chain so you will never misplace it.


The tool consists of two parts in stealthy black aluminum. The top half is the cap, which is smooth, features a logo and attaches via a split ring to your key chain. The bottom half is fully knurled for grip, and features a screw in tip. Each tool includes both fork and pusher tips, so you can choose which is best for your watches. The Key Chain Spring Bar Tool is available now for $20.


Next up is the newest edition of our intrepid watch roll! To continue our line of rugged, outdoors-wear inspired watch rolls, we went for something that’s a true American classic; Cone Mills White Oak Selvage Denim. Made in North Carolina at Cone Mills’ 110 year old plant, on fly shuttle looms from the 1940’s, this denim is as authentic as it gets. It’s a true selvage or “self-edge” denim, featuring a signature finished edge, which we ran along the top of the pockets inside. The batch we used is 13.5 oz, and is particularly suited for our usage as it is also waxed, creating an even more durable and water resistant surface to encase your timepieces on the go.


We paired this incredible material with an equally gorgeous leather; Horween Natural Essex. Tanned in the same fashion as their shell cordovan, this veg tan leather is a light peach color that compliments the indigo blue of the denim perfectly and is also tough as nails. But, we didn’t just choose this leather for aesthetics, as denim is known to age and patina, fading in interesting and unique ways, natural tanned leather should likewise gain character. While this is something that will happen over years, perhaps even decades of use, the two materials should only gain in beauty.


As with all of our rolls, the inside is fully lined with ultra-suede (back and pockets) to create a soft surface to cradle your watches. It also features our often-copied tool pocket, double stitching between pockets, gusseted pockets to allow for larger timepieces and is 100% designed, cut, sewn and finished in New York City. The Cone Mills Selvage Denim Watch Roll will be available to order today for $175, and will start shipping at the end of next week.


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