Introducing Rossling & Co.


High-quality, ultra thin, versatile, fashionable and affordable. Does that describe a watch you would like? If so, Rossling & Co. has something to show you. Rossling & Co. is a new watch company started by a pair of brothers who are using Kickstarter to help get their new watch off the ground and in your hands. *Update: the project got funded in just over 1 day! The idea for the new company started out of the desire for a fashionable watch that was also versatile: one that would be good for work and then out on the town later at night. Most of the watches considered were either good for one role, but not the other, or if applicable to both scenarios were just too expensive. So, the brothers set out to try to design a watch to fit their needs:

  • An affordable watch under $250USD
  • One that was versatile and could be worn in dress or casual environments
  • A classic and timeless style to the watch


The design of the watch is very much in the clean and minimal school. No superfluous text or markers are on the dial giving it a very distraction free look. Stick markers and thin stick hands were chosen and provide a display of symmetry to the design. It’s a classical look which is prudent given they drew much of their inspiration from timepieces from the 1920’s and 1930’s. The dial will be available in either black or white and the case in silver or gold. Speaking of the case, due to a “special manufacturing process” it comes in at a very slim 7mm thick. On the diameter side the case is 40mm which by today’s standards might be just about right for a dress watch as well as a unisex watch. The dimensions are very much in contrast to a lot of what is available today and provide a nice alternative to super-sized watches.

Rossling3One very interesting component to this watch is the strap, actually the choice of material for the strap: tweed. The brothers felt that leather straps, while great on dress watches, are not very casual. On the other end nylon, canvas or silicon straps are plenty casual but not quite in the formal realm. The brothers chose tweed for it’s versatility and use in luxury fashion. They partnered with a strap maker to create a strap with a leather backing that provides a really unique look. It is a nice compliment to the watch and looks like it would be very comfortable to wear.

Inside the watch, doing all the work, is a Swiss Ronda 1069 quartz movement with the seconds at 6 o’clock. Choosing a quartz movement was certainly part of keeping the cost down, and contributes to the wonderfully thin design. Rounding things out is a sapphire crystal covering the dial and hands. A nice addition to the watch, especially with a final expected price (post-Kickstarter) of $159, well below their goal of less than $250.

Rossling Front and Side

And that is how you can get one now, assuming they make their funding of $19,200, is via their Kickstarter page. There are a handful of pledge levels starting at $29 for a strap only and $99 for the first 100 for a watch of your choice. After the first 100 the next 200 people can get in at $119. It seems like a good deal for a well designed watch with some unique features, and you’re supporting a couple guys who are looking at making their dream a reality.



  • Case diameter: 40 mm
  • Case thickness: 7 mm
  • Lugs: 20 mm
  • Crystal: Sapphire
  • Material: Stainless steel 316L
  • Movement: Swiss Ronda 1069
  • Strap: 20mm Tweed strap, with leather backing
  • WR: 3 ATM (30m) water resistant

by James Enloe

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