Introducing the EDC Watch Pouch by Worn & Wound

The EDC collection of watch cases were designed to be modern, fun and functional. Using rugged materials like 1000D nylon ensures they’ll hold up, while others like neoprene provide both padding and elasticity for securing goods. They also allow for cool and stylish color combinations. Today, we’re excited to announce the newest addition to this line, the EDC Watch Pouches.

Gray and Burgundy

Inspired by the utility of the EDC Watch Fold, we wanted to make a simpler, stripped down and more affordable version that would easily fit in bag or even a pocket. The Watch Pouch consists of a double-sided 1000D nylon shell, with contrasting interior and exterior colors, a neoprene pocket and a length of shock cord that keeps it closed. Simply pull the nylon flap out from under the cord and slip a watch into the stretchy, but secure neoprene head first, put the flap back and you’re good to go. We rounded out the bottom to remove excess material and echo the shape of a watch.

The EDC Watch Pouch is available in two distinctive color-ways to start: Burgundy and Gray. The Burgundy Pouch features a black exterior with an olive interior, burgundy neoprene pocket and a flecked-olive shock cord. The combo is dark and muted, with a modern appeal.

The Olive and Burgundy combo is muted, but fun
Shock cord for secure closure
throw it in your bag and go
Watches slide right in and stay in place thanks to the neoprene

The Gray Pouch features a teal exterior with a yellow interior, gray neoprene pocket and a yellow shock cord flecked with red highlights. This one is fun and bright, and will really stand out inside of a bag.

Bright yellow makes contents pop
Teal, yellow and gray… great combo
Neoprene expands to fit things other than watches as well!
Just slip the flap under the cord and you’re good

The EDC Watch Pouches are made in the USA, right in our hometown of NYC and are available now at for $49. Get yours today!

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