Introducing the Itay Noy ReOrder

Itay Noy will be familiar to some Worn & Wound readers, but for anyone out there for whom his name does not ring a bell, a quick primer: based in Jaffa, Israel, Itay Noy is a true independent watchmaker, producing watches of his own design, by hand, to order, in his dedicated studio at a rate of about 150 units per year. Known for his unique complications and dial layouts, Noy’s work tends to be on the whimsical, philosophical, and artistic side. His watches, in many ways, serve as a thoughtful meditation on the meaning of time and time telling, and all from his own unique perspective. His latest piece, the ReOrder, is no exception.

Itay Noy ReOrder

  • Case Material: Stainless steel
  • Dial: Gold, blue, white
  • Dimensions: 44mm
  • Crystal: Sapphire 
  • Water Resistance: 5 ATM
  • Crown: Push/pull
  • Movement: Caliber IN.IP13 (an in-house modified Unitas)
  • Strap/bracelet: Handmade leather band with double folding clasp
  • Price: $6,800
  • Expected Release: Available to order now through Itay Noy’s website


Let’s start with the ReOrder’s unique method of reading the time, since the dial, at first glance, doesn’t share much in common with a traditional watch. You’ll notice upon closer inspection, however, that the ReOrder does indeed include the typical three-hand layout, with the minute hand being by far the most prominent. The running seconds and hour indicators are relegated to a small hand and a small disc, respectively, on an inner sector of the dial. These hands are “hidden” away because Noy likely wants the wearer’s attention to focus on the Arabic numerals that have been cut into the dial in a seemingly random order. Hour by hour, each numerical window is highlighted by a contrasting colored disc moving underneath. In reality, the order of the numerals on the dial isn’t random at all — they’re arranged in a staggered counter-clockwise pattern. The ReOrder works as both a technical feat for Itay Noy as a watchmaker, and as a challenge to the owner to fully consider time itself. It’s also just fun, and for watch lovers interested in different time telling readouts, this watch will hold a lot of appeal.

The center disc offers a redundant indicator for the hours.

All of Itay Noy’s watches are limited editions, and the ReOrder will be produced in an edition of just 24 pieces per dial color. The ReOrder is available in blue, gold, and white, in a 44mm stainless steel case. At that size, and with an unusual dial, the ReOrder is sure to have a ton of wrist presence and begin a lot of interesting conversations. 

Noy’s work is interesting for a lot of reasons, but one of the big ones is the draw of ordering a custom made piece from a true independent watchmaker for an amount of money that represents a tiny fraction of the typical cost of entry into bespoke haute horlogerie. Itay Noy’s watches range in price from $2,400 to $9,800, which is by no means inexpensive, but considering the rarity and the personal touch placed on each watch, there’s a definite value proposition here if your tastes line up with Noy’s. Itay Noy

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