Introducing the Lorier x Worn & Wound Gemini Limited Edition

Today, we’re excited to announce our newest limited edition, a collaboration with the great team over at Lorier Watches. As these projects tend to go, this one started over a conversation at a bar during Windup SF last year. In a follow-up conversation, the decision of which watch to base the LE on was pretty clear – their, at the time, yet to be released Gemini Chronograph. A logical follow up to their collection of well-priced, exceptionally detailed, mid-century-inspired, sports watches, the Gemini combines two things we love into one, a mechanical chronograph and a 12-hr bezel. To call that watch a success is a bit of an understatement. In two subsequent batch releases, they’ve sold out in mere minutes.

And that’s where the fun began. Lorier sent over a few suggested designs (all of which were great, for the record), but also said to just have at it, which we obliged. Given the style of the watch, the iconic chronographs of the ’60s came to mind rather quickly. Heuer, Universal Geneve, Rolex, Omega… you know the watches. That said, the standard Geminis already nail this aesthetic, as do other watches on the market, so we wanted to do something different, something that would stand out not just from the other Geminis, but other chronographs that are currently available. That’s when we turned to a layout concept has always been uncommon, creating some of the rarest grails: the single-register-chrono.

Please note: we’re running this post 2 hours before the watch is available for purchase (12PM EDT) in order to give people some time to learn about the watch, enjoy it, and decide if they want to buy it.



Lorier x Worn & Wound Gemini Limited Edition

  • Case Material: Stainless steel 
  • Dial: Cerulean Blue 
  • Dimensions: 39mm x 47mm x 13.3mm  
  • Crystal: Domed Acrylic       
  • Water Resistance: 50 meters   
  • Crown: Manual, Hand-wind                
  • Movement: Seagull ST19
  • Bracelet: Stainless steel   
  • Price: $499
  • Available: 12PM EDT, 4/27 – Windup Watch Shop

With just one eye, these watches are odd and even a bit awkward. That delightful balance created by a “bicompax”  3-9 layout is broken. Instead, the dial becomes one-sided, creating an entirely different dynamic. But, in addition to having a quirky charm, it serves a purpose by highlighting a specific function. Given the layout of the Gemini, with a 30-minute counter at three and active seconds at nine, there was a perfect opportunity to emphasize the chrono-functions while minimizing the seconds.

Of course, we couldn’t modify the Seagull ST19 hand-wound chronograph movements that power the Gemini to achieve this goal, so what to do? Our solution was for the design to feature a contrasting background for the emphasized 30-minute register, while the other would match the surface. Then we’d strip away much of the details from the seconds sub-dial, leaving only markers at five-second intervals (deleting them entirely would look off). This would create the look, but would it go far enough? Luckily, Lorier was willing to go the extra step to drive the design home.

The dial construction of the Gemini is quite clever, utilizing a sandwich design to create very sharp, crisp lines around the sub-dials, which sit a layer down. So, Lorier suggested that we modify the dial to only keep the cut out for the minute counter, giving it that extra depth and edge, while leaving the seconds sub-dial flat, making it flow with the main surface. The result is exactly what we wanted it to be. While there are still technically two sub-dials, one jumps out and is the center of attention.

To further put the focus on the one-eye, we removed the long applied markers, opening the dial up more. This allowed for the sub-dial to be enlarged just a little bit, half a millimeter, enough to have more presence. Along the same lines, rather than a colored bezel insert, we went with a brushed steel insert with engraved, color-filled markers. This deemphasizes the bezel, pulling the eye in towards the dial, as well as gives the watch a more compact feeling.

For the palette, we wanted something that would speak to the more colorful exotic dial variants of those ‘60s timepieces. A color that would make the watch fun, playful, and pop off of the wrist. Always fans of blue, but desiring something a bit different, we landed on a bright Cerulean. In between a Mediterranean and Shelby blue, it’s got a brilliant punch to it but doesn’t cross the line into garish territory. We balanced this bold hue with a white sub-dial and chapter ring, which add contrast. For one more hit of color, we made the tip of the seconds hand, and the word “Gemini” on the dial a burnt yellow.

The end result is even better than we imagined it. Attached to their famous bracelet, it’s the one-eyed chronograph we’ve always wanted but didn’t know where to find. The last detail we added was a custom case-back to celebrate the collaboration. At its center is an abstract etching of twin stars, inspired by the Gemini constellation.

The Lorier x Worn & Wound Gemini Limited Edition will be available today (4/27) at 12pm EDT at Windup Watch Shop for $499. Only 88 pieces (non-numbered) will be available, shipping immediately.


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