Introducing the MeisterSinger Salthora Jump Hour and Paleograph Mono-Pusher


MeisterSinger, known for their industry leading one-hand watch designs and unique philosophy on time telling, have released two new and exciting pieces at Baselworld 2014, the Salthora jump hour and Paleograph mono-pusher chronograph.

For MeisterSinger, these two new pieces represent a bit of a departure technically, but stylistically are right at home in the existing lineup. The Salthora jump hour features a beautiful 40mm polished case with elegant, round saucer-shape that sits very comfortably on the wrist. The dial comes in four colors, including the white, ivory and grey that you may be familiar with, as well as a dynamic sapphire blue that is seen frequently throughout the brand’s 2014 line.


The Salthora is powered by an ETA 2824-2 with jump hour modification developed by the brand, which is visible through a sapphire crystal display window on the rear of the watch case. On the dial, beneath a large window at 12 o’clock is a white disk with black text indicating the hour – once every 60 minutes, the hour display clicks forward. Individual minutes for the hour are indicated through a centrally located hand pointing to hash marks or numerical indications every five minutes. This is a unique and uncharacteristic design for MeisterSinger, as none of their watches provide such a clear, immediate and precise reading of time.


The Salthora line is also available with your choice of four very nice calf leather straps – blue, black, dark brown and a brighter honey brown – and each comes with a double folding deployment clasp. The Salthora will be available beginning April 2014 – the price is TBD.

The Paleograph mono-pusher column-wheel chronograph is another unexpected addition from MeisterSinger.  Featuring a MSYN13 manual winding chronograph movement (based on a Unitas), the Paleograph again puts the power of precision time measurement in a typically elegant and understated MeisterSinger package. Measuring 43 mm in diameter, the Paleograph has sapphire glass on the front and rear of the watch case to display the beautifully complex movement within.


Designed by watchmaker Jean Fillon, the MSYN13 allows the watch chronograph function to be operated with one pusher, located within the watch crown. One push to start the counter, one push to pause and one push to reset. The collaboration with Jean Fillon, movement architecture and case design is remarkably similar to the C Ward C900 Harrison Mono-pusher.

On the dial you will find the typical MeisterSinger central hour hand, providing measurement of time accurate to every five minutes. Meanwhile, there is a minute totalizer at 3 o’clock and the small second at 9. There is also a centrally located chronograph seconds hand pointing to seconds markers on the very outer edge of the dial. So, while the active time can be measured with limited accuracy (as is tradition with MeisterSinger), the chronograph allows for precise measurement to the second.


The Paleograph dial is available in two color ways – an ivory dial with black markings throughout and blue steel hands or a sapphire blue dial with gold numerical hour markings (white markings otherwise) and white hands.

As with the Salthora, the Paleograph is will be available in April (price TBD) with your choice of calf leather strap with deployment buckle.


MeisterSinger is such a unique brand, and one that we really enjoy discussing on worn&wound. There is s simple elegance conveyed in all of their pieces, yet they remain approachable and highly versatile, being appropriate for both formal and casual occasions and styles. With the addition of the Salthora and Paleograph models, MeisterSinger has managed to broaden the capability of its line considerably, undoubtedly attracting new customers through the prospect of more precise time telling and/or measurement. Meanwhile, they’ve accomplished this in typical MeisterSinger fashion, through understated, elegant design.

If there were anything we would point out as a downside to these new offerings, it is their likely price tag, which will surely be at the top of the scale for the brand given the complication included in each piece. Nevertheless, we’re happy and excited to see MeisterSinger growing and evolving in their own unique way.

For more information on MeisterSinger or the Salthora and Paleograph models, please visit

By Blake Malin

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