Introducing the Nodus Avalon

Nodus’ fourth series has been dubbed the Avalon, and it’s already garnered some notable excitement among watch-heads. That fervor is not without good reason. Nodus has, somewhat quietly, developed a bit of a cult following among enthusiasts, and it’s largely because they make nice watches (crazy, right?). Nodus’ last three collections were good looking, referential without being derivative, and fairly priced. The Avalon continues in that vein, but cranks it up a notch; to my eye, it’s Nodus’ best watch yet.    

Introducing Nodus’ fourth collection, the Avalon.

Let’s rundown the specs. Rated to 300 meters, the 316 stainless steel case measures 43.5 millimeters wide (42 at the bezel), 48 millimeters lug-to-lug, and 12.9 millimeters thick to the top of the double domed sapphire crystal (which features AR on the underside). For the bezel, there’s a choice between two types: one with a stainless steel insert, and another with a fully lumed matte ceramic insert. Speaking of lume, the Avalon lights up with the aid of Super-LumiNova’s C3 X1 compound. The Avalon comes on a 20-millimeter H-link steel bracelet with a flip-lock button clasp capable of micro-adjustment.

The case design (especially in profile) is a standout feature of the Avalon.
Note the dramatic undercuts reminiscent of the Seiko 6309/”Turtle”. . .
. . . and the elegant geometry near the lugs and bracelet.

Nodus founders Cullen Chen and Wesley Kwok are both fans of Seiko, and that appreciation is evident in the design here. But as I wrote above, the design isn’t derivative, and overall the Avalon feels familiar, yet fresh.

What immediately stands out is the handsome case geometry and sharp finishing. The cushion design is pure ‘70s goodness, with a healthy mix of polished and brushed surfaces giving it a bit of a luxe look. The case is especially pretty in profile, with undercuts that bump up the ergonomic quotient of the case. 

Powering the watch is the Miyota 9039, which I’ve been seeing pop up in more date-free watches. The 9039 is a no-date variant of the 9015, so you can expect it to be rock-solid. All movements are regulated to four positions.

Lazurite Blue (ceramic insert)
Lazurite Blue (steel insert)
Clover Green (ceramic insert)
Clover Green (steel insert)
Spectral White (ceramic insert)
Spectral White (steel insert)
Phantom Black (ceramic insert)
Phantom Black (steel insert)
Monarch Orange (ceramic insert)
Monarch Orange (steel insert)

There are five available dial colors: Monarch Orange, Lazurite Blue, Phantom Black, Clover Green, and Spectral White. All dials can be paired with a steel insert, or with a ceramic one (Monarch Orange, Phantom Black, and Spectral White with a black insert; Lazurite Blue with a matching blue insert; and Clover Green with a matching green insert). I’m not a flashy guy, but I really dig the Monarch Orange dial set against the steel bezel. It’s got a bit (and I really do mean just a bit) of a Doxa vibe, sure, but, once again, it’s not derivative.

The Avalon is currently available for pre-order with units shipping out in early December. Pricing is $625 (steel insert) or $650 (ceramic insert) for the full kit, which includes the watch and bracelet, a watch roll, and a microfiber cloth. Nodus is currently running a promotion for $100 off the Avalon until this Friday, November 30th, so if you’re thinking of jumping on this one, then now’s the best time to do it. Nodus

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