Introducing The Precisionist X Collection, Celebrating 10 Years of Precisionist

Bulova is celebrating 10 years of their Precisionist family with the introduction of 3 new models, including a limited edition. The Precisionist has been a showcase for Bulova high frequency movements through much of its tenure (hence the name), and the X Collection is no exception, featuring the brands proprietary 262 kHz unit. The design gets a rework to more modern standards as well, signaling a welcome shift in aesthetic for the Precisionist family. The new releases continue an eventful year for Bulova, this one branching in a very different direction from the Accutron’s DNA and Legacy collections we’ve seen in recent months.

The Precisionist X Collection consists of 3 models, each receiving a unique dial, case, and integrated strap combination. The case is octagonal in shape, with 4 screws that used to reside at the outer edge of the bezel now incorporated into the case insert, breaching the confines of the dial at its edges. That insert is unique to the Precisionist  X, and is made from Damascus steel for the regular production models, and 18ct yellow gold for the limited edition model. The Damascus steel inserts bring their trademark organic texture to your choice of black or rose gold cases paired to brown or sage leather straps. 

The dial itself is far tidier than older models, but there’s still a lot going on for those that appreciate a full bevy of sub dials and complications. The 1/1000th of a second chronograph provides recording hands to measure 1/10th and 1/100th of a second in the sub-dial at 12 o’clock, while the sub-dial at 6 o’clock provides the 1/1000th measurement. To accomplish this, the Precisionist uses a 262 kHz movement, where a typical quartz would use a 32 kHz module. This also keeps the seconds hand running smoothly across the dial rather than in 1 second increments. A date window is also present at 4:30, though the date wheel is visible through a transparent section of the bottom half of the dial.

With cases that measure 44.5mm in diameter, and 17.5mm in thickness, the new Precisionist will bring with it a heap of presence on the wrist. The integrated bracelet and lack of lugs should keep it relatively wearable despite its size, if you can get over the thickness. If you can, there’s a lot of tech here to appreciate and we appreciate the direction Bulova has taken the Precisionist with these new releases. 

The standard models with Damascus steel inserts are priced at $1,295 while the Limited Edition model with 18ct yellow gold insert will be limited to 100 units, and is priced at $3,950. More from Bulova here.

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