Introducing the Sinn 104, T1, T2 and Testaf Range


At BaselWorld 2013, Sinn announced the release of a handful of new and exciting watches. Ranging from a simple entry-level (for Sinn) 3-hander to some intense divers to watches that qualify for a new certification standard, Sinn has managed to cover a lot of ground (sea and air as well) with this year’s novelties. It goes without saying we are big fans of the brand, even if the pieces aren’t always in our price range, so we are very excited to show you these new and interesting models.

First up is the Sinn 104, a 3 hand model with a Selitta SW 220-1 26-Jewel Automatic day/date that is reminiscent of many models past and present, yet has a personality all it’s own. The 104 immediately and intentionally calls to mind the 103 Flieger Chronograph, which we recently reviewed, by utilizing the same case, bezel, hands and a generally vintage feel. The dial drops the numerals all together for a very clean and handsome look that is sporty, yet not dress inappropriate.

In a move that largely contrasts Sinn’s own trends from the last few years, the 104 features none of their proprietary technologies. It’s a simple watch, built with the same quality and attention to detail that is a hallmark of Sinn but rather than pushing the envelope tech wise, adds new access into the beloved German made brand. Though US pricing has yet to be confirmed, we imagine it will parallel the more modern 556 model at $1,050 (please note this is a guess and may be off).

Next up is a pair of over-built tool divers that more-than make up for the 104’s lack of tech. The T1 and T2 models are both titanium, feature Ar dehumidifying technology, tegimented bezels with patented push to turn mechanism, highly legible dials with color coordinated lume, tremendous depth ratings and are certified as per various diving standards. The 45mm T1 has a water resistance of 1,000m while the 41mm T2 has a whopping 2,000m rating.

Both models feature a new case design that is ergonomic, with a slight barrel shape that bucks the trend of high-depth divers by being compact, extraordinarily light, and all together discreet. Interestingly, Soprod A10-2A automatic movements power both models, which is, specs wise, an ETA 2824-2 clone. This is only curious because the brand now employs movements from ETA, Selitta and Soprod. On the wrist, both of these watches are very comfortable and quite handsome, though the 41mm T2 had a certain charm due to its smaller, but still rugged case. Either way, for the demanding diver, Sinn has developed yet another quality offering.

Lastly is something we actually mentioned a few weeks ago when we went to the WatchBuys road show in NYC: Testaf certification. Testaf is the new standard certification for professional pilot’s watches. What does that mean? Well… it’s technical, but on the surface is a lot like diving standards, but for the air. Legibility, ability to withstand exceptional external forces and various safety precautions are all in place. I recommended checking out this article on Sinn’s own website for greater detail. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Testaf is that it is actually a project that was initiated and developed by Sinn in collaboration with the faculty of Aerospace Technology at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences. Hence why Sinn is the first brand with this certification, though they certainly wont be the last (in fact we know of some others already).

Anyway, as per this standard, Sinn has released several models that have met these new specs. Starting at the top of the range, there is the EZM 10 Testaf Chrono, the 103 Ti UTC and 103 Ti Testaf pilot chronographs and the 857 UTC Testaf. Though these are existing models, they have undergone slight visual changes to distinguish themselves from the rest of the Sinn line. Most noticeably is the use of a safety orange as the primary accent color, and a small symbol with the silhouette of a plane. Prices have yet to be announced, but expect to pay a premium for these models.

And there you have it, a quick look at some of Sinn’s new 2013 offerings. Apart from the models mentioned, there was also an interesting silver plated pocket watch, a new Diapal version of the Sinn 900 chronograph, which looked pretty killer with a the two tone dial, as well as a few more things. Given our specific interests here at w&w, we are particularly excited by the new 104 model, which we could easily see on our own wrists. That’s not to discredit the T1 and T2 models, which we imagine will be very popular with the tool diver crowd. As with every Sinn, keep an eye on, the only AD for Sinn in North America, for the availability and pricing of these new models in the coming months.

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By Zach Weiss

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