Introducing the Sinn 556i in Four Surprising Colors

While colorful dials aren’t exactly a new phenomenon (just ask DOXA), ever since Rolex released their spread of bright Oyster Perpetuals, they went from outliers to trendy. Omega recently announced an array of Aqua Terras seemingly aimed at picking up the slack from Rolex’s waitlists, which is logical, but if you had told me that Sinn was going to get in on the party, I would have looked at you with some disbelief. Yet, here we are with four jewel-toned 556is that I never saw coming, and I have to say, I love ‘em.

It’s been quite a while since we last wrote about the iconic Sinn 556i, and it’s a joy to see it back in the spotlight. For many years, the 38.5mm x 46.5mm x 11mm pilot’s watch was one of very few “smaller” sports watches readily available. Still, a beautifully proportioned timepiece by today’s standards, its mix of scale, restrained dial layout, value, and German-quality machining earned it a cult following, and a place in many enthusiasts’ watch boxes (myself included).

While there have been many versions of the 556i over the years, including some colored dials, they always aired on the conservative side. Well, 2022 marks a departure from that standard with Emerald Green, Citrine Yellow, Aquamarine Blue, and Carnelian Red, all inspired by gemstones. Emerald Green is perhaps the most expected of the brand, bearing some similarities to the gorgeous green 103 and 104 models. And like those models, the new 556i’s aren’t flat, or gloss, or sunburst, but rather, sparkly. Like car paint, these dials shimmer and glisten.


After green, Aquamarine Blue is perhaps the most predictable. A soft, almost pastel blue, the metallic shimmer gives it greater depth. Citrine Yellow is where things begin to get more interesting. A deep yellow, it rides between gold and mustard for a unique look. Last is Carenelian Red. A rich red with deep tonality, it is closer to orange than a true cherry for a fiery glow. These last two really will make a statement.

With a price tag of $1,460, the colorful Sinn 556is are not quite the value they once were, but they are still a decent deal for such high quality. Each is limited to 400 units, for people looking for an alternative to the luxury watches mentioned above, or a second 556i with an unexpected personality, these are worth checking out. Sinn

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