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As any regular worn&wound reader can attest, the world of affordably priced watches is rich with pieces of all styles and designs. So many, in fact, that it can be difficult to pick just one piece that is right for you. Further, as many of the watches in this price category are often not available at retail, it can be especially frustrating when trying to make a purchasing decision.

If you can’t try a watch on, it’s hard to know if you want to buy it. Enter TenTen Watch Club, a young company hoping to be the solution to this persistent problem, giving the watch obsessed a chance to try before you buy.

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The concept of TenTen Watch Club is simple. As their website suggests, “simply wear, return and repeat.” Club members sign up for either a $20 or $30 per month membership that grants them access to one or two watches for loan at a time. You can keep these watches to wear for up to three months or return before that time limit for the next watch(es) of your choosing. TenTen Watch Club members will also have access to several other benefits, such as members only discounts with partner brands, the ability to fill out a style survey to receive tailored watch recommendations and a monthly newsletter with brand profiles and style tips.

Thus far, TenTen Watch Club’s selection of watches for loan includes representation from brands such as Orient, Uniform Wares, Tsovet, Miro, Aark, Android and many others. With the promise of adding new watch brands over time, it appears that TenTen should be able to offer a broad range of watches for members to choose from and potentially purchase at a discount.


As of today, the TenTen watch club is in a private beta, but is encouraging those interested in the service to sign up for an early invite once the project goes public. Having had a chance to sit down with the founders of TenTen, we can attest to their genuine passion for watches and interest providing a quality service for watch collectors and novices alike. We’re very excited for the full launch of TenTen Watch Club and to hear your thoughts should you sign up. At its best, the TenTen service stands to change the way we shop for affordable watches, so its certainly a project worth keeping your eye on.

By Blake Malin

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