Introducing the Timex MK1 Bootcamp for Todd Snyder

Timex and Todd Snyder continue their collaborative efforts with the new MK1 Bootcamp, a field watch that will be a part of Todd Snyder’s 10th anniversary series that partners with iconic American brands. The watch looks to build on Timex’s history in creating usable, simple field watches that includes issued watches used by the Marines. Being a Todd Snyder watch, it’s about as stylish as a field watch can get, but the inspiration here is clear, and the end result is a handsome, utility forward Timex that is as accessible as ever at just $138.

I mention Timex having a history of creating great field watches, including an issued piece, the Mil-Spec W-46374B, a watch manufactured for the Marines for a brief window in 1982. That watch served as partial inspiration for the Bootcamp thanks to the military connection, but shares little in the way of visual similarities (other than being a field watch, of course). The Mil-Spec watch used a plastic case which couldn’t even be opened for servicing. The movement was cheap, the case was light, and if anything went wrong, straight to the garbage bin with it. 

The MK1 Bootcamp is not disposable, sporting a steel 40mm case and quartz ticker. The dial features an olive colored inner section that holds the 24 hour scale while the 12 hour numerals get their own track against a black backdrop. A broadarrow symbol appears at 6 o’clock on the dial to really hammer home the Mil-Spec theme. A tan fabric strap completes the package, and gets its own patch labeling the watch’s reference.

It’s a sharp bit of kit when taken together, and when you factor in the price, it’s an easy win for a summer kick around piece, or even something more serious to hold onto for the long haul. Either way this one is ready for some mileage right out of the box. 

The Timex X Todd Snyder MK1 Bootcamp is available now directly from Todd Snyder, or at any of the brand’s 3 boutiques in New York (2 in Manhattan, 1 in East Hampton). Todd Snyder.

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