Timex Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing with the Snoopy in Space Collection

Timex has announced a slew of limited edition watches commemorating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. In recognition of the Silver Snoopy program, these watches are a fun way to celebrate one of the greatest accomplishments in human history whether you’re young or old.

The Silver Snoopy program was created as a way to honor NASA staff and contractors for outstanding achievements in safety. Although the award features a cartoon mascot, it’s actually quite meaningful to receive the distinction, as it comes directly from the astronauts that recipients are charged with keeping safe. 

The Standard model, currently sold out.

The Timex x Snoopy in Space watches will eventually be available across three of their collections: Standard, Weekender, and MK1. The Standard, featured here, is currently sold out, but you can sign up with Timex to be notified of any potential future drops. There are blue and white dialed versions, both with images of Snoopy planting an American flag on the lunar surface. The Standard uses a stainless steel 40mm case, and includes an Indiglo backlight.

The Weekender Snoopy in Space, one of Timex’s most popular contemporary designs, will be available on August 13, and given how fast the Standard went, I expect these to move quickly too. These 38mm watches will be available with blue and black dials and feature the iconic beagle in an astronaut suit, putting safety first. 

The MK1, the grooviest looking of the set, will be available August 13.

The MK1 will also be available on August 13 and will be a Timex website exclusive and a limited edition. The MK1 features a sporty 40mm case and a two-piece fabric strap with quick release spring bars for easy strap swapping. This special edition features Snoopy in silhouette with a multi-colored sunrise behind him. Timex

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