Introducing the Windup Watch Shop

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Worn & Wound began with the idea to write about an underserved section of the watch market. Seven years later, thanks to our loyal readers, we’re proud to be considered the leading source for in-depth watch reviews, news, and original photography on value-driven watches.

Along the way, we launched the Worn & Wound Shop—starting with just two leather watch straps that we designed in-house and manufactured in America. Since then we’ve been able to vastly expand our line to include dozens of styles, cases, and accessories. In turn, the shop’s success has allowed us to organize the Windup Watch Fair, an annual pop-up watch fair with events in New York City and San Francisco which lets us bring our readers closer to the brands we cover on a daily basis.

Now, it’s with great excitement that we are here to announce our most ambitious project yet—the Windup Watch Shop. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned writing about watches for Worn & Wound, plus everything we’ve learned from manufacturing and selling products, and applied those philosophies to a comprehensive, easy-to-browse, customer-oriented retail watch shop.

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Completely redesigned and rebranded, the Windup Watch Shop replaces the original Worn & Wound shop with an expanded line-up of carefully curated watches from some of our favorite independent and value-driven companies. Here, customers will be able to easily discover their new favorite timepiece, in addition to our trademark leather and nylon watch straps, carrying cases, and accessories too—which we will continue to expand. We are also continuing to work with brands to develop unique limited edition watches, available exclusively through our new platform—including a few incredible pieces lined-up for the coming months.

But first, let us tell you a little bit about more about the watches and brands we’ve catered for the launch.

The Junghans Max Bill Hand Wound

The initial group of participating brands in the Windup Watch Shop includes leaders in watch design, innovation, quality, and creativity. We will be carrying some of our favorite timepieces from:

Auteur, Autodromo, Bravur, Brew, Dan Henry, Junghans, Lundis Bleus, Martenero, Raven, Vero, and Vortic

We believe that this collection shows just how exciting and innovative the value-driven segment of the market is, while also appealing to a wide variety of customers and styles. You’ll find impeccably designed and detailed quartz watches for under $200, as well as stunning one-of-kind mechanical timepieces—inspired by contemporary minimalist trends, rugged military equipment, refined heritage aesthetics, and everything else in between.

Dan Henry
Lundis Bleus

The Windup Watch Shop is made to have the experience of our Windup Watch Fair for anyone, all year round. We want to make it so easy to browse that you just might find that something you didn’t even know you were looking to buy.

Going back to our earliest product designs, manufacturing has always been of the utmost importance to us. Each of these brands represent a level of craftsmanship, quality, and design that speaks to our own sensibilities and high expectations, whether they are young brands run by one or two people, or famous houses with over one hundred years of experience.

Because of the editorial work we’ve done with Worn & Wound—we’re in the unique position to help tell the story of who these brands are, where they’re from, and what makes them tick. In the new Windup Watch Shop, we’ll be showcasing these watches in a way that other marketplaces don’t, with original lifestyle photography that contextualizes each brand and highlights some of our favorite things about them.

Since most of these watches and brands are not available to buy or try-on in person, we took that into account during the design of the Windup Watch Shop. We believe that our detailed descriptions and original photographs will help the hesitant buyer feel confident in making their new purchase.

As with our blog and event series, the Windup Watch Shop aims to create a truly unique experience. The first eleven brands we’ve curated for the shop represent a diverse cross section of the watch market that you won’t find anywhere else, and the design of our brand new online shop showcases the product in a dynamic, engaging way.

Find out when and where the next Windup Watch Fair will be

But here’s the kicker. Say you’ve had your eye on the Autodromo Stradale Automatic, or the Junghans Max Bill Automatic, for the last six months. You’ve checked out the watch specs on the new Windup Watch Shop, but if that’s still not enough to convince you, we’re also offering another service to the would-be buyer.

Every one of our upcoming Windup Watch Fairs will feature the brands we offer in the Windup Watch Shop.

As many of you know, we’ve hosted our Windup Watch Fair in New York City for the last three years, and expanded it to include San Francisco this past spring. The Windup Watch Shop collection will be available at all of these future events and, beginning this fall, we’re bringing the Windup Watch Shop to a city near you in partnership with the American Field event series. We’re attending American Field events in Boston (Sept. 29-30), Brooklyn (Nov. 17-18), and Washington D.C. (Dec. 15-16). Here, customers will be able to try on these watches in person and get a feel for them first hand.

With the Windup Watch Shop, we set out to build the best watch buying experience for everyone. We hope that this unique combination of remarkable brands, and in-person access will be just that.

As with any project on this scale, we could not have done this alone, so we want to give a giant thanks to the team over at Think Nerve who designed and coded the new shop, and put up with our never ending stream of questions.

Lastly, a thank you to our readers. Without your support none of this would have been possible. Through Worn & Wound and the Windup events, we’ve been able to celebrate a broad spectrum of the watch world, highlighting diverse brands that offer unique products. We hope that the Windup Watch Shop will offer a similar benefit to the watch community.

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