Isotope Reveals a New Limited Edition Version of their Unique GMT

Isotope has released a new version of their GMT 0º in a limited edition colorway with design help from Miguel Seabra. Miguel is a Portugal based writer covering both watches and tennis (there’s a surprising amount of overlap here), and the new version of the GMT 0º draws on both the landscapes of his home country and more sartorial points of reference. Regardless of how he came up with the color combination, it’s quite appealing, and makes sense for this unique GMT watch with one of the inventive time telling displays in recent memory. 

The GMT 0º uses a rotating disc at the dial’s center rather than a traditional GMT hand to indicate a second time zone, as well as a date indicator around the dial’s perimeter defined by 31 holes with a moving colored indicator underneath that provides the correct reading of the date. It presents a great deal of information in a relatively small space, and the design places a premium on color choices, so the wearer can easily distinguish dots, holes, discs, and tiny bits of text at a quick glance. I reviewed an early version of the GMT 0º back in March of last year, and thought it had some legibility issues. This new colorway, however, has additional contrasting elements that might make it easier to read for some. 

The new variant has been dubbed the “Terra Maris,” which combines the Latin words for land and sea. The outer sector of the dial is a shade of brown that shifts from light to dark as you get closer to the outer edge, and the inner disc is a light blue. Another contrasting element is the black tip of the “Lacrima,” Isotope’s signature shape, resembling a tear, which is where you’ll find the 24 hour time. According to Seabra, this combination of colors is meant to evoke not just Portugal’s coastal landscape, but the elegance of a good pair of jeans matched with brown suede shoes. 

Isotope always places a large emphasis on design and the overall aesthetic of their watches, but the GMT 0º stacks up on a technical level as well. It has a full 200 meters of water resistance, and runs on a Swiss made Landeron movement with 40 hours of power reserve. The GMT 0º comes mounted on a stainless steel bracelet that matches the finishing of the case, but Isotope is quick to point out that because of the variety and neutrality of the colors used on the dial, this variant will work particularly well on almost any strap you throw at it. 

The new GMT 0º Terra Maris is a limited edition of 49 pieces, and carries a retail price of $1,320. It’s available today through the Isotope website.

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