Itay Noy Debuts the Seven-Day Cycle Collection, a New Series of Watches that Take Things a Week at a Time

Itay Noy, the Israeli watchmaker known for creative and whimsical calendar complications that take a philosophical view to the concept of time, is back with his latest creation, the Seven-Day Cycle. Announced just days ago and officially launching later this week at the Windup Watch Fair in Chicago, the Seven-Day Cycle is inspired by the idea of looking at the passing of time on a weekly, as opposed to daily, scale. 

The centerpiece of the collection is the “Rest Day” watch. Rather than focusing on a daily progression of time, the watch seeks to visualize a weekly cycle. The day is indicated via skeletonized text around the dial’s perimeter, but instead of the day of the week, Itay Noy has given the days numerical values (first day, second day, third day, and so forth). The seventh day (by default) is marked as the “rest day” at the 12:00 position. Itay Noy notes that different religious traditions observe different rest days, so the rest day on the dial can be customized to the owner’s preferences. Dials are available in blue or white for this reference.

The Seven-Day Cycle watch is also available in versions that name the days of the week in a more traditional way. The format, though, is largely the same, with skeletonized apertures spelling out the days of the week that are highlighted day by day as the week progresses. The blue and white dials seen in this version of the watch have dividing lines that should aid a bit in legibility, but all watches in the Seven-Day Cycle collection are numeral and index free. These versions feature a date at 6:00, as well. 

Lastly, there’s a Hebrew language dial with a black and white Star of David pattern that uses the same approach as the Rest Day variants, but with a more evocative and experimental approach. The black day track on the outer ring of the dial here is highlighted by a white indicator that moves underneath, which has the effect of hiding the apertures more effectively than on the blue or white dials in the English language versions of the watch. 

The case is the same across all versions of the Seven-Day Cycle collection, and is crafted from stainless steel and measures 40mm in diameter. It’s a three piece design, with its most distinctive feature being the 6 visible screws from the dial side, each protruding just a bit from the standard circular shape. As you can see in the side profile view of the watch, the shape of the case is held through each layer of construction, with brushing that also matches across the bezel, midcase, and caseback. Watches in the Seven-Day Cycle collection are powered by Itay Noy’s IN.S200 caliber, a modified version of the Sellita SW240. 

The retail price across the entire collection is $4,900. The Seven-Day Cycle collection is a limited and numbered edition of 77 watches. Itay Noy

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